snakes on a pegasus

crowd shot., originally uploaded by kendrak.

hmm, what did i do last night? i wonder…
jenn and i met up for dinner at stank-un, which is my ultra-hip lingo for cancun. i dug it. then we went to pegasus downtown to watch dr. frank sing songs and read from hi book. i’m not sure how it compared to new york, but i thought it went pretty well. larry might not agree, oh well. jenn and i sat in a church pew in the back on the upper level. it was behind bars, as you can see from the picture. i’d like to consider it the vip pew, as we were sitting with pat and erika, the fine proprietors of little type. it’s always fun hanging out with them. i took some photos, but i don’t think they were that good. there is this video on youtube of frank doing “how’d the date end?”, but i must apologize for the bit where pat and i talk about whether or not frank needs a beer in the middle. there was one person in a kalx shirt, which was cool because it’s an old old design. i just wish more kids would have showed up.

after the reading, we got to watch everybody line up and wait for their books to be signed. it felt pretty voyeuristic in the pew, so the pew crew mostly chatted about joel mchale of the soup. (the soup is a good show by the way. if i don’t fall asleep before 10:00pm tonight, i’ll watch it.) i did stuff some books with little type fliers for the ivymike picked us up for the 11:00pm showing of snakes on a plane. i felt bad because mike actually had to come inside and collect us, but i was having fun pumping myself full of coffee so i wouldn’t sleep through the film like i did for deuce bigalow: european gigolo.

we got to emeryville with plenty of time to loaf about before the movie. that was my mistake, but i was excited to see the film. as for snakes on a plane, it was what you’d expect. three words to describe it: fun, gross, cheesey. i’d see it again. the cobra starship video at the end was pretty bad, but it was ok.

now i’m at work running on fumes and feeling icky. hooray!


  1. Erika

    I love love love that you got video of Pat givng Frank a beer. We were rehashing that moment, the look on Frank’s face, on our way home. Good song too!

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