hard snot is the nastiest thing in the world

i’m still sick wanting to die. well, not really, but i’m still doing bad. i have that solid type of snot backed up in my ears and throat. i can still breath, but i can’t really swallow or hear. i’m feeling really woozy and slightly feverish. this is the life, i tell you. i think i should stay home again.

instead of playing a but load of animal crossing (it only needs an hour a day or so), i’m going to finish my book about charlamagne and then go back and read some of notker’s works in old high german. i miss it, i really do. i’m also looking for other things to read, but maybe i should just relax and get my bio books for class for next week.

ok. on to the juicy stuff- i had an interview at a hair salon. i need to finish reading the packet to determine whether or not i still want the job, but it sounds like it’s going to be a mine for drama, attitude, and stories. i won’t have a weekend anymore, but i’ll be paid for it instead. the owner who interviewed me seemed really fun and made the place sound crazy. i hope they like me enough to hire me. she didn’t seem to mind that i wasn’t glamour. she said, “don’t let the glamour queens get you down.” she also made me want to shave my head again. she had nice short hair. for her, healthy hair and the client’s self esteem is what matters, not the glamour. it’s close to home, which is good, and seemed to be a nice slightly upscale hair salon. i could get highlights. we’ll see.

this francing diet of hot water isn’t helping my head too much, but it’s keeping my kidney’s clean.

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