fabulous orange!

on the field
on the field

larry took this picture of of playing soccer at one of my games a few weeks back when he was in town. i am the rightmost orange speck in the picture. (team captain patrick is the second orange speck from right.) we won that game. actually, this team, fabulous orange, has been on a winning streak. yesterday we won 4-0, which in EBOTS is a blow out. clean sheets are very rare. of course, as a left back, i take pride in that score because it means i did an OK job. it’s weird when people compliment me on my playing, because i still feel like i’m the worst player on the field. i guess even if that’s true (which it probably is), then it’s not such a bad thing since many of the other players are really good.

i don’t want to jinx our 5 week winning streak, though i won’t be there next week (internet librarian, yo!) so i won’t have any thing to contribute. i really like playing on this team and i have to say, winning feels all right. last night at gilman, we were telling people of our awesome game that afternoon, it was clear people lose interest pretty soon. if you ever want me to tell you all about my love of the beautiful game and to tell you about my exploits in the back field, just ask. i’m not quite as good at telling people about what others should have done, but i’m getting there.

my indoor team is in the play-offs. we play tomorrow night. maybe i’ll talk about that a bit? i’m terrible at indoor though, so let’s just talk about outdoor.

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