so long crumbly

last week my friend erika, of little type fame, passed away. larry has written a very touching eulogy for her on his blog:

But most of all, I suppose, I feel grateful for life itself, in all its rich, tawdry, shabby, wonderful, heartwarming and heartbreaking splendor, grateful to be a part of it, to be able to show up for the sorrows as well as the joys, to witness the way human beings rise to the occasion, be strong and take care of one another when logic might dictate they should be falling to pieces. Erika Hynes, my life was made better and more meaningful by your presence in it, and in the past few days, I’ve heard from dozens of people who felt the same way. What I didn’t expect was how even the manner of your leaving would touch and enrich the lives of those you left behind.

larry, i don’t think i can say it better myself.

it’s hard to think about how erika enriched my life, but i know she had a huge hand in helping me become a decent adult. before i moved to berkeley, i knew erika as the lookout packtress. when i first hung out with her, she didn’t hold it against me that i was some snot nosed kid who was obsessed with lookout bands. she was always welcoming and kind. when we became friends, she helped filled long days with amusement. i will always miss her.


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