stuff white people like

here’s a blog linked on metafilter that made me chuckle many time- stuff white people like. the funny thing is- i don’t think the items listed are exclusively for white people, rather indie hipster, yuppies, and anybody who listens to npr could be on this list. it just so happens that that demographic is mostly white people. (though in the bay area, there are lots of other people included as well.)

what do white people like? they like driving the prius, owning lots of kitchen gadgets, sarah silverman, irony, owning as manyapple computer products as they can, eating at breakfast places, watching the daily show/colbert report (only if they have a tv), smoking marijuana, dancing at 80s nights, reading david sedaris, drinking wine or microbrews, working for non-profits, watching wes anderson films, shopping at farmers markets, and going to film festivals.

wow. i know so many people who fit that description, it’s scary.

of course, i shop at wholefoods, listen to public radio (though i hate ira glass and terry gross), listen to some indie music, own the arrested development dvds, am vegan, and drink too much coffee. i’m so white! anyhow… i’m going to go watch a netflix.


  1. Larry Livermore

    And specific to a certain limited (middle) class of white people. Maybe I’m in danger of losing my sense of humor, but doesn’t this sort of thing strike anyone else as being… well, I don’t know, it’s hard to call it racism since this sort of dissing of white people is usually done by white people. But suppose a website dedicated to “stuff black people like” listed, say, “watermelon, chicken, talking loud in public, being on welfare, mugging and taking crack cocaine”? I think this would generally be considered both tasteless and overtly racist, and yet no one can deny that there is a certain subset of black people that does indeed enjoy these things. But if (as it should be) it’s considered unacceptable to generalize about a whole race of people based on the characteristics of some members of that race, why it considered both okay and funny to do the same about another race?

    P.S. KK, were you watching the Liverpool-Barnsley match? If so, I’m guessing you would have greatly enjoyed the finale.

  2. Jenn

    Last time I checked everyone in my family is white and none of them like any of these things! Of course, they live in the Central Valley and in Utah.

  3. Bartosz

    Beautiful images, Adam. That rlaely gives me an inside view on what you, Nate, Holly and friends have been going through. We’re sooo thrilled about Nate’s miracle. There were so many people praying and God obviously responded. I’m proud of you!-Ira


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