stories that everybody should read.

when i was a fourteen year-old nothing, i emailed dallas denery for reading advice. i had just finished reading a bunch of camus, felt i was in an existential crisis (as any fourteen year-old would), and figured dallas would know what would i should read next. (did i mention i was fourteen, young, and somewhat silly?) he was nice enough to recommend the war with newts by karel capek. i immediately ordered it from the carmichael public library through interlibrary loan and while i waited for that i checked out capek’s r.u.r. (where the word “robot” comes from). those two books quickly became some of my favourites and have remained there ever since.

it’s always been a little goofy to me that more people haven’t read either of these works. maybe they know r.u.r. from a crossword clue, but mentioning them in class always brought up a lot of blank looks. somebody posted on metafilter the links to ebooks for both texts. go read them!

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  1. Jo

    I was in a Youth Theatre production of RUR when I was about 14 – and that was a long time ago. I loved it, I think……

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