happy 40th, sgt. peppers.

today is the 40th anniversary of sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band, and i feel somewhat annoyed by the whole affair. maybe it’s just because i’m awake at 4:51 am, or maybe it’s because i’m sick and tired of the beatles and their music. i was talking to somebody at work last week about how everybody has a brief love affair with the beatles, mine was in middle school, but that lots of people grown beyond that or they will forever be stuck in the hype that the beatles were heads and shoulders above the rest. i’m sorry, but paul mccartney and john lennon were not song writers on the same level of ray davies or pete townshend. they wrote good pop songs, but didn’t really change with the times, or they did sort of like madonna, but it was always sanitized.

perhaps time has made it easier to judge and compare them. did the beatles revolutionize pop music? sure. was it just through their music? hell no. brian epstein knew how to market them, and market them he did. that was perhaps the most sickening thing about the beatles museum in liverpool (more than the price of admission)- it was all marketing to the extreme. it was also all about john and paul. very little about ringo and george, which was irritating. george harrison died in 2003, and there was only one little plaque for him after the paul mccartney room and john lennon room. ugh.

the more irritating thing about the beatles is the look people give you when you tell them you don’t really like the beatles. they look at you like you have horns and green tentacles coming out of your head. i’m not a weirdo, but i’m also not a zombie. for people celebrating the 40th anniversary of sgt. peppers, they’re probably using this as an excuse to think of their bygone days when they had more hair and less body mass, when they were cool (or thought they were cool), and talk about the good old days. well good for them, i guess. but i still don’t buy that it was a concept album or a theme album. the concept and the theme were only really carried out by a couple of songs, not through the entire record. only the cover makes up for it. the who sell out, released in december of 1967, actually carries the commercial theme through the full record, but of course nobody really gives them credit for that. it’s because the who didn’t have the same public relations machine and were too drug riddlled and seen as bad boys.

i’m not bitter though. i’m just sick and tired of the beatles and all their hoopla. i should just go listen to some george harrison solo records, and remember the guy who wasn’t a complete ham. mccartney may have a good musician in him, but he’s tosser who panders for a cuddly image (and complains that people don’t think he’s hard), laughing all the way to the bank.

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  1. Neil

    you do seem bitter. whats wrong with being a great pop band and great pop writers?

    There does seem to be always something different when you get tired of any Beatles or their offshoots music.

  2. Larry Livermore

    Nothing wrong with being a great pop band and great pop writers.

    What’s wrong is when the great pop band and great pop writers stop writing great pop songs and start writing pretentious drug-addled hippie bollocks rock operas and all the evil and demented rock critics spend the next 40 years gushing over how momentous and epoch-making it all was.

  3. Jeff

    I think you’re just still bitter about being wrong when you claimed in elementary school that the Kinks were bigger than the Beatles.

  4. Andrew Balazs

    If you seriously think that Pete Townshend is a better songwriter than Lennon or Mccartney, then you are seriously mentally retarded.

    The Who was good, but The Beatles are unclassifiable. You don’t have any fucking clue what you are talking about.

    They aren’t about their purported hype or their universal acceptance and critical acclaim. And the reason they are so good isn’t even about their message or anything, it’s the simple fact that the music itself was brilliantly arranged and performed. Please Please Me was recorded in one 12 hour session. First Album, one day. Bam. That probably means nothing to you, but that’s an absurd feat. Not to mention that their entire catalogue was written and recorded in a period of 8 years.

    Have you ever even listened to anything besides “One” or “Sgt peppers?” Probably not. And sure, Mccartney’s a douche. Harrison was definitely the coolest, but Ram is better than All Things Must Pass. Although lots of Beatles aficionados would probably argue with me on that one.

    I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m wasting my finger muscles. But like…seriously, before you open your mouth and shit starts flying out, give them a good listen. I mean a GOOD listen.

    Songs like Blue Jay Way, I’m Only Sleeping, Don’t Let Me Down, Michelle, Tomorrow Never Knows, Your Mother Should Know, A Day in the Life, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.

    I just picked those at random, but I could go on for days. Just start with Revolver. Give that a good listen. If it doesn’t change your mind, you should consider an ear transplant.

  5. Andrew Balazs

    What kind of music are yoouuu fine folks into? I’m definitely curious.

    The only person cool enough to make fun of the Beatles is Frank Zappa. None of you know what you are talking about.

  6. sam

    I’ll give you Blackbird as being in the top fifty best songs, but if you think any Beatles song beats There Stands the Glass then you are sadly mistaken. And as far as best song ever written, considering the true body of music created by humans, a song created in the last few decades in not likely the very best of them all.

  7. The Mark

    dude neil is a douche. paul is not. ram is the best album to come from any of the beatles’ solo careers. andrew balaz is correct. the Who are and were lame. Zappa is cool. Not cooler than the Beatles and nowhere near as theoretically skilled, speaking in terms of music. the end. bing bang boom.

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