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this weekend was simply smashing. i got all of my homework done, raised some money for kalx and was social for an evening. i deserve an award.

the highlights must have been the clarendon hills reunion (see the picture) and the jack london squares reunion. all i can say is finally! the lowlights? anything with thee kendrak attack. honestly, i don’t take it seriously enough and it’s clear that most people don’t like it. i do like playing music and writing songs, i’m just not confident enough to do the solo thing, nor am i talented enough. i admit, this is half-hearted fishing for compliments, but i know that it won’t really matter. despite being a crowd of people i know, the throwing was more aggressive than normal. i had at least four hard shorts to the head, which still hurt a few days later. i don’t think elbert knew what he was getting into when he agreed to drum for me. i think i’m going to effectively kill tka in december at the next doughnut party/maude’s first birthday party. it’s time to think about something more serious or just give up this music thing all together. for the three or four people who actually liked my music, i’m sorry that i’m packing it in. for everybody else, you win!

other than that, i was a little upset that we never had the moped v. mini-bike race, but watching people trying to start the moped was enough entertainment.

as for kalx… thank god the fundraiser’s over!


  1. Wesley

    You got stuff thrown at you? That means they didn’t just leave the room, beats most bands.

    I think about tka every time Gordon Brown’s on the news.

  2. norm

    that was a fun night… and a historic one as well! C-hills and JLS? All that was missing was Knulla Roofs! anyways, amidst the chaos of your set, i was diggin your amp/case… and you do the best rendition of “I Think We’re Alone Now”

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