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come dancing

when i was a little kid, i was obsessed with the kinks’ video for “come dancing”. it’s not one of their best songs, but when i was 4 it would make me dance like a freak. it still sort of does.

another song that i can’t help but dance to is style council’s “a solid bond in your heart”.

the video reminds me of absolute beginners, a bit. i need more dresses.

this brings me to my youtube discovery of the night. i don’t know how i ended up looking for it, but i finally found a good live video of my favourite song from the jam- “running on spot.”

i feel guilty that that’s my favourite jam song, since it’s off their last album, but there it is.

later… with me!

i should be doing lots of different things right now- sleeping, working on software management homework, working on a digital collection project, or even playing smash brothers, but instead i’m looking for clips from later… with jools holland, featuring jools holland from squeeze as host and sometimes band leader. as far as music variety shows go, this is the best. not only does he have an interesting mix of artists on every week, he seems to have a really good attitude about it all. so… here are some of the video i’ve found:
kate nash – “foundations”.

she’s totally a guilty pleasure of mine, which a couple of my student workers have really taken to.

mika – “grace kelly”.

i first heard this song driving back from the manchester airport with neil and it was on radio 1 every other hour after that. another guilty favourite.

enough of the embeds, they take up space.

the view – “wasted little djs”. i first got hooked on this band during the same trip to the uk because “same jeans” seemed to be after “grace kelly” every hour. they’re really good, even if they’re from scotland.

of course, my obligatory plug for bands from sheffield:

and because he’s been on a billion times…
jarvis cocker – “don’t let him waste your time”
pulp – “dishes”
pulp – “sunrise”
and what mix of pulp would be complete without disco 2000?

which goes into the britpop…
blur – “the universal”
oasis – “cum on feel the noize”, er, i mean “wonderwall”.
james – “getting away with it all”.
radiohead – “the bends”..
supergrass – “moving”.
verve – “bittersweet symphony”.
boo radleys – “reaching out from here”.
super furry animals – “if you don’t want me to destroy you”.
manic street preachers – “everything must go”.
cataonia – “road rage”.
ash – “burn baby burn”.
divine comedy – “mother dear”.
cornershop – “brimful of asha”.

and lots of moz-
“last of the famous…”, “suedehead”, “boy racer”, and “first of the gang to die”.

and some other bitchy people:

alright. i’m going to sleep.

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more stuff about sheffield derbies of yore

this is the highlight reel from this weekend’s derby, so you can see just how brilliant wednesday were. and by “you”, i mean the 4 of you who might care about such matters. (i’m sorry, but this is pretty major.)

it made me think of steel city derbies of yore and wednesday’s biggest moment: the boxing day massacre.

26 december, 1979- wednesday won 4-0 at hillsborough. this youtube clip shows a bit about the match, including police preparations for the predicted riots and you can see the terraces packed to the brim.

the question now is, should i get up at 5:30 to watch eveton at the jjb? something tells me no, but i’m very tempted.

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