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COYB UTO and all that other stuff.

Today, Everton defeated Spurs at Goodison. It was a brilliant display, and I’m much happier I followed that match instead of the Arsenal – Man City match. I didn’t really have any hopes for the Toffies, but they played perhaps the best game of the season. When Seamus Coleman scored that last goal on the diving header I let out an audible yelp in the library. It wasn’t an issue since we were completely empty, so nobody heard. (Think tree in the forest type stuff…) The whole thing was extra interesting because Dr J is ostensibly a Spurs fan, and I (by way of Neil, who was at the match) am an Everton fan. I have bragging rights!

Which is rare, really. While I do support Everton my heart is still tied to the Owls, which is why it’s always broken. This week they signed Reda Johnson from Plymouth Argyle, who appeared in court today on false imprisonment charges. Today Marcus Tudgay’s transfer to Forest was also finalized. So we lost one of our more productive goal scorers in recent years, and may have gotten a defender (which we need) who might be going to prison for 18 months – 8 years (which we don’t need). It’s worth scratching your head over.


after 95 years, owls win the double

there’s tommy spur scoring the owl’s first goal in the first minute of the match.
today was the derby between sheffield united and sheffield wednesday at brammal lane. the owls won. as any casual reader may be able to guess, i’m absolutely delighted by this. did you know that it’s been 95 years since wednesday won the double against the blades? for those of you familiar with moneyball, united’s payroll is one of the largest in the championship, but the owls still won.
you can read more about it here.

it’s funny. i feel happy, yet i didn’t even watch the match. i need to sort this out. it’s hard following a small club nobody else seems to like, but well… i guess that’s the point. i, like many other sport fans, like being miserable. wednesday often make me miserable, like last week, but this week i’m on air.

both my clubs, wednesday and everton, won their derbies this week. i feel lucky.

owls around the world

waddle, originally uploaded by kendrak.

sheffield wednesday have posted something on their website that got my eye today. they’re soliciting pictures of fans wearing wednesday kit in front of global landmarks to be printed in the program. unfortunately i don’t think they’d care about the campanile, but the golden gate bridge is close by.

with that.. i also will join wednesdayite so i can vote on the take over. huzzah!

facts about the farm.

this week is was brought to my attention that not everybody knows some basic facts about stanford university. namely- the are the stanford cardinal, as in the deep colour red, not crimson. that’s harvard. also, they don’t really have a mascot, which is why they have a silly tree. i’m not saying this as a cal alum who cares about the sports rivalry between the two. cal’s mascot, oski the bear, is a real mascot, unlike the tree. he also drinks beer through his eye. it’s just facts.

sort of like stomper’s the name of the oakland a’s elephant mascot, whilst everton’s elephant mascot is named chang. sheffield wednesday’s owl mascot is named ozzie, ollie and baz.


celebration, originally uploaded by mardy1.

today is michael palin’s birthday, which is fitting that i should post about sheffield wednesday staying up in the championship, since he’s the reason i picked this forsaken team when i was 10. whatever, yesterday was brilliant and they showed some life. way to go, owls!


so i’m home tonight, taking care of business- doing homework, laundry, stocking up on allergy medication, and catching up on tv stuff. this weekend needs to be restorative and i feel like i need to wear my new/old chris waddle shirt tomorrow in hopes it will keep wednesday out of the relegation zone.

i’m finally re-watching mr. toad’s wild ride, which i’m about ot shut off. it’s rubbish. when this film came out, i think i liked it because it had so many former pythons. now i’m older and crankier, and i don’t much care for it. terry jones’ green-face is dumb and he’s playing the part of prince herbert from holy grail, only it’s not so funny. couple that with the fact that eric idle is rat, and well… it’s hard to sit through. despite a very young steve coogan playing mole, i can’t be bothered with this.

i should get back to reading about “rapid software development” and its testing metrics, or fold my waddle shirt.

geeze, john cleese is in this movie! it’s totally over now.

more stuff about sheffield derbies of yore

this is the highlight reel from this weekend’s derby, so you can see just how brilliant wednesday were. and by “you”, i mean the 4 of you who might care about such matters. (i’m sorry, but this is pretty major.)

it made me think of steel city derbies of yore and wednesday’s biggest moment: the boxing day massacre.

26 december, 1979- wednesday won 4-0 at hillsborough. this youtube clip shows a bit about the match, including police preparations for the predicted riots and you can see the terraces packed to the brim.

the question now is, should i get up at 5:30 to watch eveton at the jjb? something tells me no, but i’m very tempted.

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lots of stripes

Blue & White Wizards, originally uploaded by mardy1.

i can’t stop thinking about the derby. how the hell did wednesday win it? i know, sodje and tudgay, but seriously. i’m not entirely biased, neil said they looked fantastic. this picture shows all the stripes at hillsborough today. doesn’t tudgay (bottom left) look ready to strike? he’s aces.

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owls win the derby!!!

getting up at 4:30 was totally worth it because sheffield wednesday beat sheffield united 2-0 at hillsborough bog.

i’ll admit, i was worried in the second half because united looked energized and ready fight back, but tudgay’s goal sealed it for wednesday. it’s hard to not scream/chant at 5:30 in the morning, but i didn’t want to wake everybody in the building.

now i’m watching ufc 80 from newcastle, england. too many geordies!
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up close

hawley, originally uploaded by kendrak.

here’s one of the pictures i took at the richard hawley show the other night. i was pretty much in his face for most of the show, which was weird but nice. i don’t think i embarrassed myself too much, though he definitely seemed a little confused by my sheff weds scarf. (not many americans follow mediocre football clubs, i guess.)

i took some other pictures, but i didn’t want to be that girl- the one taking pictures every second and gawking at them. i was that girl who took a set list and a pic, but whatever… i still consider sheffield to be my spiritual homeland and hawley’s its ambassador.

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abzorbaloff from bolton?

tonight i watched the episode of the new dr. who with bolton’s own peter kay as a big fat creature called an abzorbaloff. i have to say, it was one of the dumbest episodes i’ve seen in a while, despite it being light on david tennant’s hammy antics. (robojoe thinks billie piper looks a bit stupid. i question how she has an autobiography.)

i thought the episode was good in that it brought kay back to my tv screen. i really wish that phoenix nights was available in the u.s., but since it wasn’t on bbc that seems doubtfull. the best thing about the episode is that the abzorbaloff was designed by a 9-year old kid from colchester as part of a contest on the kids show blue peter. the alien was pretty cool.

and in totally unrelated news… sheffield wednesday smashed southampton today at hillsborough: 5-0!!! could they be catching their stride? they have won more matches than sheffield united, but united have fewer losses and more draws. whatever. i’m just happy the owls are looking better. will everton be able to hold off chelsea at stamford bridge tomorrow? i hope so, but it’s better than the owls won today.

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it’s all about the cut!

i’m doing homework and planning my show tomorrow. i’m trying to think about things that make me feel happy, and i mean that sort of warmth that comes from within that makes me smile without thinking. it was weird, because this morning when i saw the results for everton and sheffield wednesday, i went skipping through kalx cheering. it was great but silly.

wearing a ben sherman shirt made me feel like that, too, which means i’m shallow. but why on earth can’t they make more mod shirts for the ladies? all the mens shirts are quite nice, but the ladies shirts are fugly.