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party for rudy

last week i went to a party for rudy guiliani. my friend stephen was hosting it and promised vegan food if i’d attend. so i went, in support of stephen and in search of free food. the only person who showed up that wasn’t one of stephen’s friends was a writer for the huffington post. i think she helped keep the conversation lively. here’s her take on the event.

I’d been trying to find Republicans in San Francisco for weeks. Finally, someone named Stephen signed up online to host a house party for Rudy Giuliani. When I arrived, a twentysomething-year-old guy in skinny jeans and a shaggy haircut opened the door. I thought I was in the wrong place until I noticed his top: a slim, red t-shirt with a picture of Ronald Reagan.

“Love him or hate him, he’s an icon,” shrugged Stephen. As it turned out, he was the only Reagan-lover at his party.

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