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so i’m home tonight, taking care of business- doing homework, laundry, stocking up on allergy medication, and catching up on tv stuff. this weekend needs to be restorative and i feel like i need to wear my new/old chris waddle shirt tomorrow in hopes it will keep wednesday out of the relegation zone.

i’m finally re-watching mr. toad’s wild ride, which i’m about ot shut off. it’s rubbish. when this film came out, i think i liked it because it had so many former pythons. now i’m older and crankier, and i don’t much care for it. terry jones’ green-face is dumb and he’s playing the part of prince herbert from holy grail, only it’s not so funny. couple that with the fact that eric idle is rat, and well… it’s hard to sit through. despite a very young steve coogan playing mole, i can’t be bothered with this.

i should get back to reading about “rapid software development” and its testing metrics, or fold my waddle shirt.

geeze, john cleese is in this movie! it’s totally over now.