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wasting money

when i was teenager i desperately wanted a fred perry polo shirt, but i knew there was no way in hell my parents would fund that. as an adult i buy them, not too often, as work clothing. there are only two clothing labels i’m really a sucker for- fred perry and ben sherman- and my work clothes show it. (actually, you can add american apparel in there as well since it’s plainer than dirt.)

i’ve been looking for this claret and blue and white tipped fred prerry for quite some time. it seemed as soon as i started looking for it, you couldn’t buy one in my size anywhere. well, i found it in my size and i’m going to get it. will anybody else appreciate my style? no, though i have had a couple of patrons compliment me on my shirts before.

see, i’m trying to be somewhat stylish and mod. maybe, when i’m really a real librarian i’ll start wearing the skirts and such and put everybody else to shame.

the first cut is the deepest

so i’m still watching the stupid uk rock and roll hall of fame thing, only now it’s 2006. rod steward was inducted by some mediocre kid named james morrison and morrison played a medley of rod the mod’s hits. they kicked it off with “the first cut is the deepest”, which i don’t remember rod doing. but if he did, he couldn’t have been good as pp arnold. pp arnold’s version is the best version ever and she is amazing. just watch this video!

how english can you be?

right now i’m watching the 2005 ceremony for the uk rock and roll hall of fame. yeah, it’s a little sad but i’m done with school and i need to unwind. in this case i mean wax nostalgic about two of the most important bands to me for the history of forever. of course i’m talking about the who and the kinks. i thought it was great when ray davies inducted the who, because seriously- he’s the only person i would personally put on par with pete townshend.

then who inducted the kinks? the only footballer to score a hat trick in the world cup final- geoff hurst. there seems to be something poetic about the quintessential english band being inducted into a farcical hall of fame by a symbol of english pop culture from days of yore. just like britpop and its descendants will strive to be like the kinks of ’66, the english football team will keep trying to go back to ’66. (i guess things could possibly be looking up since capello is the new manager.)

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lookin’ sharp.

my clothes whoring knows no bounds. i just got my special-ordered black fred perry with white and red stripes on the collar and sleeves. it’s an impressive shirt and i’m tickled to own it. (see? it’s stylish, innit?) it takes me back ten years, to a time when i would have died for a fred perry, but knew there’d be no way in hell i could own one. now i own three!!! (of course i’d like a couple more. they make good work shirts.)

next stop- ben sherman. i think i’m going friday to pick up this, this, or this. then i will be an even more styling moddish library goon than before!

the final piece of my style puzzle will have to be these shoes. then nobody will be able to argue that i’m just another trashy number. i will be the library face!

it’s all about the cut!

i’m doing homework and planning my show tomorrow. i’m trying to think about things that make me feel happy, and i mean that sort of warmth that comes from within that makes me smile without thinking. it was weird, because this morning when i saw the results for everton and sheffield wednesday, i went skipping through kalx cheering. it was great but silly.

wearing a ben sherman shirt made me feel like that, too, which means i’m shallow. but why on earth can’t they make more mod shirts for the ladies? all the mens shirts are quite nice, but the ladies shirts are fugly.

western nevada is a big nothing

rainbow, originally uploaded by kendrak.

it’s been a while since robojoe and i explored western nevada. let me tell you, it’s a big pile of nothing. lots of long, lonely roads on the high plains of the desert. i think we even saw a tumbleweed at one point on highway 95. here’s the basic route, not counting a couple of the ghost towns. it’s a lot of driving, innit?

this picture is from candelaria, nv after a little rain storm. let me tell you, that town was dead. here are pictures from the whole trip, or most of it. i didn’t take many pictures in southern california, but we didn’t do much there. i talked to uc irivine, i talked to ucla, i hung out with a librarian in downtown la, and we hung out with ivymike.

vegas was something of a bust, but i did get a ben sherman that really makes me look like a skinhead. i also spent a pretty penny on a fred perry, but i have to look sharp, innit?

oh, and don’t go to tonopah. it’ll make you look like this. there’s really nothing there, other than the ramada inn and giggle springs.