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shoes of the master

Muppet feet, originally uploaded by kendrak.

i bought those blinging shoes for myself yesterday. why? i wanted them. yes, those are gold metallic laces. i consider them a graduation present to myself- the only thing i plan on doing to celebrate my graduation.

that’s right folks, there’s a 97% chance that i graduated from drexel’s ischool with an ms in library and information science and an ms in information systems.

so what does it all mean? i’m a librarian. i have some free time. i need to get my shit together to be professional. i still wear ugly shoes to work.

why haven’t i been blogging?

Stephen Abram and Kendra, originally uploaded by newrambler.

i’ve been too busy with other things – like school, work, and going to conferences. see that? that’s me at internet librarian 2008 making a fool of myself with the outgoing president of SLA, stephen abram. despite trying to be more professional, such as getting more involved with SLA, i still can’t stop dancing like an idiot.

feeling all grown up

i’m not quite a full fledged adult yet, but i’m feeling like it. as larry has written about extensively, this weekend is the insubordination fest. i bought tickets but can’t really afford going to baltimore for it. why? well, for one thing spending almost a grand just to see a sweet baby reunion seems a bit irresponsible. i also have been consumed with school (i need to graduated in december) and work. see… i’m going to have a new position soon which means more responsibility and more chaos- which also means more work right now. after going to seattle for the conference last week, i really can’t take any more time off. it sucks.

so as much as 16 year old kendra would sell a kidney to go see sweet baby, 26 year old kendra just wants to have a job and not be a jerk.

sad. i feel old.


exhausted, originally uploaded by kendrak.

my blog has been anemic because i’ve been too tired to touch the damn thing. the last quarter was rough and just as i finished my coursework, i had to run up to seattle for sla‘s 2008 annual conference. it was pretty much a week of meetings about library stuff, but now i feel dedicated to the profession.

i’m back in the bay now, working on the new quarter, and not sleeping enough.

i should post something about germany later, since they’re making me happy. but that’s it.


so i’m home tonight, taking care of business- doing homework, laundry, stocking up on allergy medication, and catching up on tv stuff. this weekend needs to be restorative and i feel like i need to wear my new/old chris waddle shirt tomorrow in hopes it will keep wednesday out of the relegation zone.

i’m finally re-watching mr. toad’s wild ride, which i’m about ot shut off. it’s rubbish. when this film came out, i think i liked it because it had so many former pythons. now i’m older and crankier, and i don’t much care for it. terry jones’ green-face is dumb and he’s playing the part of prince herbert from holy grail, only it’s not so funny. couple that with the fact that eric idle is rat, and well… it’s hard to sit through. despite a very young steve coogan playing mole, i can’t be bothered with this.

i should get back to reading about “rapid software development” and its testing metrics, or fold my waddle shirt.

geeze, john cleese is in this movie! it’s totally over now.


P1020797, originally uploaded by kendrak.

see that? i took it yesterday to show off my new cardigan. i’m soon to be a librarian, so i need more cardigans. it also shows how non-straight my hair is. ugh.

today i’m not at work. i’m home, after spending two hours getting my boobs touched up- i mean reconstructed. i was awake through the whole thing and we listened to kalw. today’s world have your say was about tibet, which caused my plastic surgeon to randomly say, “free tibet!” every so often. i don’t know how it looks, but it felt like a lot of tugging and twisting. i could feel them pulling the ports (to the implants) out, which was an odd sensation, but overall i felt fine at the end. i bet i could have driven home, but luckily my friend j.t. did. my right side’s a little sore now, so i think i’ll go take some aspirin and then work on a midterm.

i’m almost ready to call the cancer year over. mastectomy- check. chemo- check. clean blood test- check. reconstruction- check. huzzah!

life trucks on

this little blog is being dwarfed by my other super duper library blog, and my whole no blogging at work thing has slowed it down.
school is boring and painful. work is busy, stressful, and exciting all in one.
last night i saw dr. frank read from his book at moe’s. it was nice. i hadn’t been to raleigh’s in a while and they were bumping “straight outta compton”, pretty good stuff. i also got to talk to frank about politics and how insane this race has become. i’m really excited about tonight’s debate, if i can stay awake.

i also received a summons for jury duty yesterday. i have to show up on march 12. that’s two weeks! i thought they usually gave you more time.

today i went back to the doc for a check up and found out my plastic surgeon’s leaving kaiser. what’s it mean to me? means i gotta stop dragging my feet on reconstruction, so i have to go get cut up asap. i’m meeting him tomorrow to see what i can do. luckily, i think i got time to take off of work, but i need to get in gear because it’s the conference season.
today i went to the store to start planning my garden and buy lots of fruit. i need fruit.


this weekend has been pretty stinky. even with the extra day, it was rough going. the culprit? long hours in the library and three midterms for “library school”. i say “library school” because none of the exams actually had anything to do with library science, and this is the quarter where i begin to question school in general. i know i want to be a librarian, and i know i need a different skill set than librarians of the past (maybe), but do i have to learn business finance? seriously?

midterm 1- programming. meh. i got it done saturday night after kimbo spanked tank abbot. i didn’t mean to start it, but it was once time only, timed exam. i panicked a lot.
midterm 2- finance. it took me 10 hours and i bet i failed. i need to get somebody to tutor me.
midterm 3- information visualization. this class is extremely vague and academic. i wrote some really bloated sentences.

three midterms in three days. it makes me think that i would enjoy life so much more if i wasn’t working full time and going to school “full time”. i hear people talk about how they don’t have time to write a three page paper or study for an exam and i wonder what they’re doing with their time. i mean seriously. i wish i had more time to dick around on the internet and stuff.

the highlight of the weekend? playing snakeball and finally folding all my clothes. i’ve been living out of hampers for months. i’ve also caught up on reading blogs and talked to my friend who got her gallbladder out (which explains the previous post). other than that, i slept till noon saturday and sunday. i didn’t want to, it just happened. i guess my body hates me.

now i’m going to go drink some flax and read in bed. it’s been lovely.

grade dullard

i just got my grades for the quarter- they were completely respectable and not as bad i thought they would be. one of my graduating classmates just posted her grades from her entire transcript at drexel on her blog, and it struck me as odd. her blog is a quasi-professional blog in that she focuses on aspects of the library profession, not her personal life. i suppose library school grades fall under that scope, but it also seems tacky to me. i have complained about grade greedy people in the past, but i think i should add grade dullards to the list of annoyances as well. i feel sort of grinch like for saying that, because grade dullards are usually benign and just giving you an update and not trying to boast too much. but it also seems like posting your income or waving your dick out in public- too much information only done by arrogant people.

it’s like that for people who want to tell you about their school in too much detail. not just the relatable items- my group sucks, my professor did this, and so on- but going into detail about the material. i feel bad when i think i’m treading into that territory. i wouldn’t talk about networking with people who didn’t know anything about it, nor have i graced non-library folk with my deep thoughts about controlled vocabularies and taxonomies. (i love you all too much.) the people who would do those things are the same people who would be grade dullards. i’d like to say to them, “your enthusiasm is great, but you sound like a dullard and most people don’t care.” that’s not very nice, i suppose. (if i’m being a dull arse about library stuff, tell me to knock it off.)

i know my dad still wants to know my transcript from cal, but that won’t happen. i hate telling people my grades. i hate people telling me their grades, unless i ask.

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even though school ended saturday, i still feel stressed and busy. saturday night i went to gilman to see dreamdate with a bunch of other bands. i walked over there and made it in time to catch half of the people eaters set, featuring zack from the dismembers and shakey bones. i liked them a lot. the traditional fools were really good, aaron didn’t lie, but a lot of the other bands didn’t do much for me. elbert and i played set through the entire les hormones set. i felt a little bad, but i was totally in the zone. les hormones sounded fine, but not compelling enough to stop me from playing set. elbert almost beat me a few times, but by the end of les hormones set, we’d played enough set and were starting to go blurry eyed. it was funny how much pepito moan about the game, but i think it’s because we were playing too seriously for him. if it involved poker, that’d be a different story, but since he’s not the set fanatic elbert is, he couldn’t understand what was at stake. the rock and roll adventure kids sort of lost me after they played “fried chicken”.

sunday was lots of sleeping and errands. i’m trying to grow stuff on the desk in spite of the raccoons and squirrels trying to destroy everything. that’s about it. i’m heading off to kalx now to slave the rest of the night. gee, i love it.

long in the tooth

yesterday was a big day at the house’o’pie. i turned in my networking final, which means i am done with the summer quarter. today is my first cancer free, school free day since i came back from england in january. makes me think it’s time for me to go back again, though i’m worried if do make another trip over there that i’ll develop another serious disease a month later.

it was also a big day because robojoe and i tool maude to her first appointment at the vet. it meant i had to miss most of the england euro qualifier against israel (and michael owen’s goal), but maude’s worth it. see, she broke a tooth a while back. the internet said if you give them things to chew, the guinea pig will correct it on their own. maude didn’t and it got worse and one tooth grew too long. it was really nasty. so i looked around for a good vet in berkeley that had a good history with small pets. we live across the street from the campus veterinary clinic, but they didn’t seem to have the best customer service reviews and had nothing on the internet about guinea pigs. i settled on the berkeley dog and cat hospital because they had good reviews, and a couple of them were from cavy owners.

maude wasn’t too terrified. she acclimated to the pet carrier after a while. i think she could tell that joe and i were nervous. the vet was nice and said that her mouth was a little sore from the overgrown tooth, but she was ok for now since she was still eating. the vet said other than that, maude was in good shape and eats a healthy diet. he then took her away to cut her teeth and trim her nails in a back room. when she came back, she seemed allright, but her mouth is a little tender. so we gave her a bunch of blue berries. the end.

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getting back to normal.

i stayed home from work today because i caught a nasty cold. i think if i were 100% better from chemo, it’d be merely an annoying cold, but no- this made me sleep all day and feel like a zombie. hopefully i won’t feel like ass in the morning so i can go to work tomorrow. getting colds- it’s just like before chemo. i blame all the work i did this weekend. i finished a group project and finished that 10 page paper. i’m now working on the three pager and a five pager. i can’t wait for this quarter to die for good.

tonight was big though- i officially went back to kalx. the only thing i really gave up for cancer was kalx. i missed it, even though i had lunch with kalx people a lot. i’m set to dj next wednesday, september 12, from 9:30-midnight. you all should listen. i also was elected to the prc (i ran unopposed). this is the third way i’ve been put on the prc- i’ve been appointed twice and then served as training director. the election was one of the nicest prc elections i’ve ever seen. nobody really asked me questions, nobody seemed to care about anything i had to say. i guess all the ballots had happy faces and words of encouragement on them. it was a unanimous vote too, which i’ve never seen in memory. usually there are a couple of noes or a couple of abstentions on principle. i guess nobody wanted to say no to a cancer survivor. ha! so yeah, i’m back in the saddle.

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marathon weekend of computers, thinking, and football.

this morning i woke up at 4:15 am, took a bath, ripped off a toe nail, and watch sheffield wednesdsay play well, but still lose to bristol city. it was terrible. the only thing i can say is that esajas looked quite good and gives me hope that the team won’t continue to lose. oh and setanta totally teased me- they cut to promos just as “hi ho silver lining” was starting up at hillsborough and came back just as the crowd finished singing it. did i need to learn about the liverpool match later? no.

i also watched the sprus give up what could have been an easy win against fulham. (sorry, larry.) you’d think a lead of 3-0 would be secure, but apparently not. kamara’s bicycle kick goal at the end was pretty amazing. overall that match was more entertaining than the liverpool thrashing of derby. the only good thing about that match was that i added torres to my fantasy team yesterday. he scored a brace today, which helped me shoot to second place in my fantasy leage. (well, second place of the moyles world folk.)

the best result, for me, was everton beating bolton. lescott’s ace! i wish i could have watched it, but alas… setanta was showing the red scum and fsc was hooked on london with the fulham match. everton’s still playing well and i’m excited about that.

am i going to get up tomorrow to watch more football? probably. actually, i need to figure out where i can watch the next round of the carling cup whilst on my road trip. the problem? who did sheffield wednesday draw in the next round? everton. i’m naturally rooting for the owls, but i’m not hoping for much. robojoe said i should be happy either way, but i know it won’t be like that. it’ll go horribly wrong- everton will win, but there will be some freak accident and johnson, arteta, yakubu, and lescott will all be out for most of the season, and there goes europe. who knows, maybe the owls will learn some defense and win? ha! sorry, i got carried away. so yeah, i’ll be in vegas and it’ll be a rematch of the 1966 fa cup final.

enough football. i just turned in a 10 page paper about computer networking. it was epic crap. no more work tonight. i’m going to go have hot flashes and plan out tomorrow’s morning of football and homework.
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this is what i’ve got to do by monday:

  • finish my group project about information architecture on websites by sunday.
  • start and finish my 10-20 page paper about adhoc vehicular networks.
  • write a 3 page paper about information architecture in library 2.0 applications.
  • grade my other group project.
  • answer questions for my networking class.

this is also what i have to do, but it’s not school related:

  • get up at 4:30 saturday morning to watch sheffield wednesday lose to bristol city.
  • try to figure out how watch boltn v. everton live.
  • watch an a’s game or 2.
  • make some art.

yeah, like any of that’s going to happen.