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COYB UTO and all that other stuff.

Today, Everton defeated Spurs at Goodison. It was a brilliant display, and I’m much happier I followed that match instead of the Arsenal – Man City match. I didn’t really have any hopes for the Toffies, but they played perhaps the best game of the season. When Seamus Coleman scored that last goal on the diving header I let out an audible yelp in the library. It wasn’t an issue since we were completely empty, so nobody heard. (Think tree in the forest type stuff…) The whole thing was extra interesting because Dr J is ostensibly a Spurs fan, and I (by way of Neil, who was at the match) am an Everton fan. I have bragging rights!

Which is rare, really. While I do support Everton my heart is still tied to the Owls, which is why it’s always broken. This week they signed Reda Johnson from Plymouth Argyle, who appeared in court today on false imprisonment charges. Today Marcus Tudgay’s transfer to Forest was also finalized. So we lost one of our more productive goal scorers in recent years, and may have gotten a defender (which we need) who might be going to prison for 18 months – 8 years (which we don’t need). It’s worth scratching your head over.


wigan… part of what?

i was looking at world soccer shop for white football shirts to wear for my league games. i was thinking an everton away kit, but probably will continue to wear my old janky punk rock shirts. anyhow, i saw this wigan t-shirt which made me laugh. “wigan: greater manchester.” now wigan is part of the borough of greater manchester, but that implies it’s mancunian like bolton. after reading stuart maconie’s pies and prejudice, i really wouldn’t consider wigan to be greater manchester. western lancashier.

this of course begs the question, why do i have such a strange fondness for lancashire. i’m still trying to figure that one out.

the real american hero

yesterday the u.s. men’s national team held argentina to a 0-0 draw. who was the man of the day? not landon donovan, who earned his 100th cap in the match. tim howard. who? the u.s. goal keeper who also plays for everton. of course i’m biased, but he’s my favourite player on the american team. of course it’s annoying that donovan’s mere act of showing up to play is making more news than howard’s performance, but it shouldn’t surprise anybody. oh well.

facts about the farm.

this week is was brought to my attention that not everybody knows some basic facts about stanford university. namely- the are the stanford cardinal, as in the deep colour red, not crimson. that’s harvard. also, they don’t really have a mascot, which is why they have a silly tree. i’m not saying this as a cal alum who cares about the sports rivalry between the two. cal’s mascot, oski the bear, is a real mascot, unlike the tree. he also drinks beer through his eye. it’s just facts.

sort of like stomper’s the name of the oakland a’s elephant mascot, whilst everton’s elephant mascot is named chang. sheffield wednesday’s owl mascot is named ozzie, ollie and baz.

always in love with the big four

AJ calls it!
i’m not talking about that big four, but rather this big four. this morning on espn first take they had america’s leading football commentator, tommy smyth, on to discuss the premier league and how it’s different than american sports. first of all- smyth is an idiot and despised by most football/soccer fans. the segment only discussed the big four since they all met up this weekend. the only highlights they showed where from this weekends match ups between arsenal and chelsea and manchester utd. and liverpool. (it’s always nice to liverpool play terribly.) then they just showed the standing of the top four teams without points, which makes it look like liverpool’s hanging with the other three. of course, being a pseudo-toffee, i was miffed because looking at the standings, the kopshite are 8 points behind arsenal and only 2 points ahead everton- their place at fourth is less than assured. (it’s also remarkable how arsenal has tumbled.) did smyth say anything about that? no. he made it seem like liverpool were on par with chelsea and arsenal and that manchester utd. was just like the yankees- better than god and no pitch outside of old trafford is worthy of them. it’s crap, really.

he also tried to explain the concept of promotion and relegation, which mystified jay crawford. if american sports had that system, the kansas city royals would be gone, and probably the knicks as well. relegation is nasty- just look at sheffield wednesday.

moral of the story- tommy smyth is an big fat moron, and everton are better than liverpool.

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going live!

i finally made library attack live. now i won’t bother y’all with my rantings about my future profession. yeah, i’ll be one of those librarians with a blog. it’s exciting.

robojoe’s now playing one of those football manager games. you know, it’s like madden only for the english f.a. i think he’s trying to ruin everton just to spite me. i told him to save his beloved spurs because they need it.

here’s a video of r.e.m. playing “superman” from 1986. this is the sort of thing youtube is awesome for.

win it for the world!

[warning for all the haters – football content!]

from an article about today’s carling cup draw between everton and chelsea:

David Moyes believes the majority of the country will be behind Everton this evening as they aim to take a significant step towards a first final in 13 years.

The Goodison Park outfit are at Stamford Bridge for the first leg of their Carling Cup semi-final against holders Chelsea.

And Moyes reckons most neutrals want to see that stranglehold loosened this season.

“I think so, I hope so,” said the Goodison manager. “I think a lot of people like to see other sides break into it and Tottenham have a chance against Arsenal as well.

after this weekend’s poor, poor loss to oldham, everton need to redeem themselves. taking down chelsea tonight would do that. but seriously, people all around the world hate the club (because john terry looks like a dog, frank lampard’s a slow chav, and nobody likes michael ballack). everton winning today will make perhaps a billion (more like millions) of people happy. i’m rooting for them!

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it’s all about the cut!

i’m doing homework and planning my show tomorrow. i’m trying to think about things that make me feel happy, and i mean that sort of warmth that comes from within that makes me smile without thinking. it was weird, because this morning when i saw the results for everton and sheffield wednesday, i went skipping through kalx cheering. it was great but silly.

wearing a ben sherman shirt made me feel like that, too, which means i’m shallow. but why on earth can’t they make more mod shirts for the ladies? all the mens shirts are quite nice, but the ladies shirts are fugly.

marathon weekend of computers, thinking, and football.

this morning i woke up at 4:15 am, took a bath, ripped off a toe nail, and watch sheffield wednesdsay play well, but still lose to bristol city. it was terrible. the only thing i can say is that esajas looked quite good and gives me hope that the team won’t continue to lose. oh and setanta totally teased me- they cut to promos just as “hi ho silver lining” was starting up at hillsborough and came back just as the crowd finished singing it. did i need to learn about the liverpool match later? no.

i also watched the sprus give up what could have been an easy win against fulham. (sorry, larry.) you’d think a lead of 3-0 would be secure, but apparently not. kamara’s bicycle kick goal at the end was pretty amazing. overall that match was more entertaining than the liverpool thrashing of derby. the only good thing about that match was that i added torres to my fantasy team yesterday. he scored a brace today, which helped me shoot to second place in my fantasy leage. (well, second place of the moyles world folk.)

the best result, for me, was everton beating bolton. lescott’s ace! i wish i could have watched it, but alas… setanta was showing the red scum and fsc was hooked on london with the fulham match. everton’s still playing well and i’m excited about that.

am i going to get up tomorrow to watch more football? probably. actually, i need to figure out where i can watch the next round of the carling cup whilst on my road trip. the problem? who did sheffield wednesday draw in the next round? everton. i’m naturally rooting for the owls, but i’m not hoping for much. robojoe said i should be happy either way, but i know it won’t be like that. it’ll go horribly wrong- everton will win, but there will be some freak accident and johnson, arteta, yakubu, and lescott will all be out for most of the season, and there goes europe. who knows, maybe the owls will learn some defense and win? ha! sorry, i got carried away. so yeah, i’ll be in vegas and it’ll be a rematch of the 1966 fa cup final.

enough football. i just turned in a 10 page paper about computer networking. it was epic crap. no more work tonight. i’m going to go have hot flashes and plan out tomorrow’s morning of football and homework.
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slc or bust?

everton are playing in salt lake city on july 21, 2007. i can’t even begin to describe how tempted i am to go to the match. it happens to fall on a chemo free weekend, too! the problem? airfare will be about $300 and tickets will be around $100. oh, and it’s in salt lake city versus one of the stupidest named teams in the mls- real salt lake. (pronounced- re-al, as in real madrid.)

should i just save the money and bank it on a trip to england come winter? it’s tempting as hell. i could potentially see arsenal at goodison and preston at the hillsborough swamp. this is all permitting neil lets me crash his pad again…

it’s too early to decide! i mean, we still don’t know everton’s european fixtures!

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