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how english can you be?

right now i’m watching the 2005 ceremony for the uk rock and roll hall of fame. yeah, it’s a little sad but i’m done with school and i need to unwind. in this case i mean wax nostalgic about two of the most important bands to me for the history of forever. of course i’m talking about the who and the kinks. i thought it was great when ray davies inducted the who, because seriously- he’s the only person i would personally put on par with pete townshend.

then who inducted the kinks? the only footballer to score a hat trick in the world cup final- geoff hurst. there seems to be something poetic about the quintessential english band being inducted into a farcical hall of fame by a symbol of english pop culture from days of yore. just like britpop and its descendants will strive to be like the kinks of ’66, the english football team will keep trying to go back to ’66. (i guess things could possibly be looking up since capello is the new manager.)

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england are rubbish.

he’s probably thinking: “shit.”
fucking england, indeed. there’s too many people to blame, but one person i will not blame is joleon lescott. (if you want to get me an overpriced shirt, a lescott top would fit the bill.)

hopefully england will reorganize and maybe start caring. gah.

i really should start supporting the us.

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this fast thing is sort of crappy. i’m not feeling very good and i wonder if it’s because i’m an idiot or i’m not 100% better from chemo or what. point is… my resolve is wavering and i’m not sure i am going to make it to friday. i’m definitely stopping by saturday so i can make myself ill whilst watching ufc 77. my will power’s cracking and it’s a pretty crummy feeling, but oh well.

of course now everything looks like food and it’s all around. i’m even thinking about eating a proper english fry up, though i also know that would be suicide. five live has been soliciting breakfast pics, and some of them are sort of gross, but this fry up makes me think about giving up this ascetic lifestyle for good. sad, innit?
i mean, look at it!

fry me up!