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who really considers coldplay and travis to be britpop?

and by britpop i mean the chiefly 1990s genre comprised of bands like sleeper, elastica, the boo radleys, and manic street preachers. oh yeah, and of course blur and oasis.

the reason i ask this question is because i got hooked on a couple of britpop documentaries on youtube this weekend. (the britpop story and 7 ages of rock: british indie music.) both mentioned that while oasis’ be here now pretty much signaled the end of the britpop movement, popularity of bands like travis and coldplay really signified the end. a- those two bands were entirely mainstream (not really “indie”), and b- they didn’t have much of the defiance and anger underlying most of britpop. i suppose there could be a c- they’re both as insipid as all hell. keane would also fit that bill.

i remember when i was in high school, and travis and coldplay were first hitting the states- i and my friends who liked britpop didn’t think much of those bands. other people, who weren’t really into music, took to them like a horse to water. it was good in some ways, to see people become excited about music, but on the other hand it’s a little sad when they go for something pretty dull. i never told my friend who went from only liking cheesy top 40 to becoming obsessed with travis and coldplay that she just jumped from one bore to another- i actually went to a travis show with her because nobody else wanted to go- but i kept hoping she’d jump into something deeper. that never happened. she’s happy though and i’m happy for her.

at kalx it would occasionally be annoying when somebody tried to call coldplay britpop, but there were enough people who actively cared about the genre that it wasn’t an issue. now the genre is dead and coldplay are the new u2 or radiohead.

this is all timely since coldplay’s new album came out last month. when i was in seattle i was upset that the experience music project weren’t selling any pacific northwest garage albums, though there was an exhibit about that scene, but they did have a whole wall devoted to viva la vida. last night i googled “who actually likes coldplay?” and found this piece, why i hate coldplay by andy gill which looks at why most everybody who doesn’t purchase coldplay’s albums loathe the band. the telegraph also looks at why critics largely hate coldplay despite public support. even msnbc asks that question.

i don’t really have the answer. i won’t even say i hate coldplay, rather i find them boring and don’t understand why people think they’re the second coming of anything. of course this is coming from somebody who works at a college radio station, grew up listening to punk garage, and never really got into mainstream music. (my love of rem at the age of 7 not withstanding.) i know i’m not the target audience and i know i’m not your average music fan, so i guess my not liking coldplay is expected. the reasons can be distilled to this:

  • the music is tediously derivative.
  • the songs all sound the same, and not in a billy childish/hasil adkins kind of way.
  • they’re totally the establishment.
  • chris martin’s an insufferable tit and so is his wife.
  • the rest of the band puts up with that tit and doesn’t tell him to shut up.

oh well.

later… with me!

i should be doing lots of different things right now- sleeping, working on software management homework, working on a digital collection project, or even playing smash brothers, but instead i’m looking for clips from later… with jools holland, featuring jools holland from squeeze as host and sometimes band leader. as far as music variety shows go, this is the best. not only does he have an interesting mix of artists on every week, he seems to have a really good attitude about it all. so… here are some of the video i’ve found:
kate nash – “foundations”.

she’s totally a guilty pleasure of mine, which a couple of my student workers have really taken to.

mika – “grace kelly”.

i first heard this song driving back from the manchester airport with neil and it was on radio 1 every other hour after that. another guilty favourite.

enough of the embeds, they take up space.

the view – “wasted little djs”. i first got hooked on this band during the same trip to the uk because “same jeans” seemed to be after “grace kelly” every hour. they’re really good, even if they’re from scotland.

of course, my obligatory plug for bands from sheffield:

and because he’s been on a billion times…
jarvis cocker – “don’t let him waste your time”
pulp – “dishes”
pulp – “sunrise”
and what mix of pulp would be complete without disco 2000?

which goes into the britpop…
blur – “the universal”
oasis – “cum on feel the noize”, er, i mean “wonderwall”.
james – “getting away with it all”.
radiohead – “the bends”..
supergrass – “moving”.
verve – “bittersweet symphony”.
boo radleys – “reaching out from here”.
super furry animals – “if you don’t want me to destroy you”.
manic street preachers – “everything must go”.
cataonia – “road rage”.
ash – “burn baby burn”.
divine comedy – “mother dear”.
cornershop – “brimful of asha”.

and lots of moz-
“last of the famous…”, “suedehead”, “boy racer”, and “first of the gang to die”.

and some other bitchy people:

alright. i’m going to sleep.

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how english can you be?

right now i’m watching the 2005 ceremony for the uk rock and roll hall of fame. yeah, it’s a little sad but i’m done with school and i need to unwind. in this case i mean wax nostalgic about two of the most important bands to me for the history of forever. of course i’m talking about the who and the kinks. i thought it was great when ray davies inducted the who, because seriously- he’s the only person i would personally put on par with pete townshend.

then who inducted the kinks? the only footballer to score a hat trick in the world cup final- geoff hurst. there seems to be something poetic about the quintessential english band being inducted into a farcical hall of fame by a symbol of english pop culture from days of yore. just like britpop and its descendants will strive to be like the kinks of ’66, the english football team will keep trying to go back to ’66. (i guess things could possibly be looking up since capello is the new manager.)

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