The Kinks Top 10 – a project.

The Kinks by vagabondMusicCo
The Kinks, a photo by vagabondMusicCo on Flickr.

My friend Mary Carmen shared a link to the 10 best Kinks songs on some website. It’s link bait. Very obvious link bait.

Their list:

  1. Waterloo Sunset
  2. You Really Got Me
  3. Lola
  4. ‘Til the End of the Day
  5. Tired of Waiting For You
  6. Victoria
  7. Sunny Afternoon
  8. A Well Respected Man
  9. 20th Century Man

There are some omissions but all the hits are there. All the hits are there.

So I said I would give you my 10 best, but that seems like it’d be foolish without working. So here’s the project. I am going to name 10 best right now, listen to all the records. Yes… all of the albums and singles… and then get back to you with my refreshed list after studying them all.

Preface this: you know my parents reared me on the Kinks to such a degree I thought the Beatles were some obscure footnote of pop history. No doubt this education has made it easier for me to love 60s garage and beat music. I sort of ascribe to the school of thought that it’s not really worth venturing past Arthur. So of course this initial list will be largely from the 60s.

OK – my list!

  1. All Day and All Of The Night
  2. Days
  3. All Gods Children
  4. You Really Got Me
  5. David Watts
  6. Autumn Almanac
  7. Shangri-La
  8. Do You Remember Walter?
  9. I’m Not Like Everybody Else
  10. Sunny Afternoon

Not on the list every will be “Bald Headed Woman”.

10 is a pretty small number. I will report back. Listening to their first album not, it’s so remarkable.

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  1. We raised you well, a well thought out list!

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