The long, slow road to normal.

My buddy., originally uploaded by kendrak.

On Friday June 22, 2012 I subbed for an indoor soccer team. I’d been itching to play since my team was taking the season off. It was a fun game until 10 minutes into the second half when I jumped up for a header. The ball sailed 6″ over my head, I landed on my left leg and it popped. I crumpled to the turf in pain and pretty much everybody knew I did something. I was able to walk off the pitch, so I thought I dodged the ACL bullet… after a month of resting, taking it easy, and still having my knee buckle, I got an MRI which showed I tore my ACL.

As my soccer friends say, I’d finally done my ACL. What did it mean? I could walk around and ride my bike, but I couldn’t really dance or play soccer. So I tried PT for a few months on the outside chance it would work… but I had to get the surgery. That was two weeks ago. Two weeks of my knee in a very large, heavy brace. Hobbling around on crutches. Unable to wear real pants. Trapped in my apartment. It’s not fun.

This is me and my new buddy, the STEN machine – which is basically mild electroshock therapy to stimulate my quads. PT is going to be a long slog, but my therapist has been great before and after the surgery. I’m looking forward to getting back on the pitch, but it’ll be a long while.

Biggest thanks goes to the man who’s kept me clean and fed – RoboJoe. Without him, I’d be laying in my own filth.

God, I can’t wait to get off these crutches. I miss walking, cooking, and playing my records.

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