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Mixtape, originally uploaded by kendrak.

On the first Saturday of every month, one of my favourite record shops in the world, Phono Select in Sacramento, hosts a mixtape swap. I’ve wanted to go for months, but was usually booked that weekend. Family visits, friend visits, work, band stuff, lots of excuses. I made a vow that I would get my act together and make it up to Sac for the October one. I barely got my stuff done. My mix tape skills were really rusty, so I compensated for the creative and technical gaffes with nice artwork. Here is the mix:

Welcome To My Mind: A Mixtape by Kendra K

Side A.

  1. The Hi-Fives – “Welcome to My Mind” Welcome to My Mind
  2. The Lincolns – “Pop Kat” V/A Riot City
  3. Nickles and Dimes – “Story of Love” Nickles and Dimes
  4. The Alarm Clocks – “No Reasons to Complain” V/A Back From The Grave v. 1
  5. The Discords – “Second to No One’ Second to No One
  6. The Evaporators – “Waaa” I Gotta Rash
  7. Onion Flavored Rings – “Venus De Milo” 7” Split with Bitchin’
  8. New Bad Things – “I’ll Arrest Myself” Nestim 7”
  9. The Smugglers – “BABE” Atlanta Whiskey Flats
  10. Sonny & Cher – “I Got You Babe” Greatest Hits
  11. LuLu – “Boat that I Row” To Sir With Love
  12. Magic Kids – “Hey Boy” Memphis
  13. NOBUNNY – “I am a Girlfriend” Love Visions
  14. Hunx & His Punx – “You Don’t Like Rock and Roll” Gay Singles
  15. Pansy Division – “Femme in a Black Leather Jacket” Undressed
  16. Helen Love – “Punk Boy” We Love You 7”
  17. Mates of State – “Invitation Inn” It’s the Law 7”
  18. Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark: Electricity Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark/li>
  19. Fuzzy Wuz She – “Frick it!”

Side B.

  1. The Ne’er Do Wells – “Where’s Mickey?” Hello It Is I, Thee Intolerable Bastard Child Genius 7”
  2. The Milkshalkes – “You Did Her Wrong” Last Night at the MIC
  3. The Prisoners – “Melanie” The Milkshakes vs. The Prisoners Live
  4. The Monkees – “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” I’m a Believer 7”
  5. The Tikimen – “That’s the Way it Goes” Twelve Dusty Diamonds
  6. The Troublemakers – “You Make A Better Door” The Great Lost Troublemakers Album
  7. The Mummies – “I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight” Runnin’ On Empty v. 2
  8. The Statics – “I Hate Your Guts’ Japan Tour 97 7”
  9. Frankie Ventura and the Crescents – “Pain” V/A Hang it Out to Dry
  10. The Tantrums – “Big Dress” Big Dress 7”
  11. The Budget Girls – “Go Away Geek” Get in Your Ear 7”
  12. Betty and the Werewolves – “Paper Thin” Paper Thin 7”
  13. The Ronettes – “Baby I Love You” Baby I Love You 7”
  14. Millie Small – “Oh Henry” My Boy Lollipop
  15. The Younger Lovers – “The Boy From Leeds” The Boy From Senegal 7”
  16. The Rondelles – “He’s Out Of Sight”
  17. The Greefs – “I’d Be a Good Man To Have Around the House”*
  18. The Primitive Hearts – “Primitive Heart” Self-titled 7”
  19. Midnite Snaxxx – “You Kill Me”
  20. Frick the Cat – “El Gato”

*This is actually Don Grady and the b-side to “The Children of Santa Monica”

Two copies of this tape were made. One for Dal and Nich at the shop, and one to swap. I sort of thought about ripping a copy before I handed them over so that I’d have a digital copy for posterity, but decided against it. There’s something precious and pretentious about these analog mixes from analog media, that will most likely only ever be analog. I’ll admit that’s sort of elitist, but that’s also some of the fun. This mix was from the heart, full of song I love and enjoy. Hopefully somebody will enjoy it. The format is just a layer of the presentation. I grew up collecting records pre-mpfree. I still have some of the first mixes people made for me in junior high and high school. They were transformative for sure. (Francing used to make me the best mixes that introduced me to bands like The Housemartins and the the Style Council. Seriously, how did I not know of those bands before that?)

I’m going to try to work on a mix for this month’s swap. It might have to be a CD since I’m laid up post-knee surgery (a whole other story) and can’t reach the tape deck.

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