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Tomorrow is May 23rd. This date is significant because it’s Erika’s birthday. Were she alive today, I would wish her a capy birthday. Sadly, she passed away April 2009.

Today is May 22nd – George Best‘s birthday. He was a genius on the pitch. He passed away November 2005.

I’ve always been good with dates and I don’t know why. Sometime’s it really seems like a waste of grey matter – like remembering Will Clark‘s birthday, the end of Napoleon’s reign, Charlamagne’s death, 30 June 1966, the release date of Automatic for the People.

Personal dates make sense – my parents anniversary, an aunt’s birthday – both are within days of my own birthday. The day I first talked to Joe at Gilman. The last Hi-Fives show. The day of the Potatomen at Gilman I walked to from campus and the chilly, long stumble back to my boarding house. OK, that doesn’t make sense.

I wish I was better, like an elephant, but I’m not exact. For some reason though, numbers stick. (Chris Imlay’s birthday is this week, too!) It’s sort of haunting and comforting, but really depends upon the date.

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