they do what with a ball?

there’s something that totally makes me roll my eyes to the point that they fall out of my head – the “sports? what’s that?” thing people do when they are compelled to watch a sporting event against their will. it always smacks of some smug “aren’t i cute/special because i’m too good to care or understand what adults do with a ball,” sort of thing. it probably doesn’t help that i’m a librarian, and therefore work with a lot of people who are very proud to express their disdain for sport because it’s defiance against pop culture. (i think this is a corollary to the “i don’t own a t.v.” argument.

the thing is i don’t really care if people don’t like sport. i can understand the eye rolling and the moaning to a point during the superbowl/nba playoffs/whatever (though i will be as obnoxious as i can be about the world cup). i know that it’s just letting off some steam and making one feel good about themselves. we all want to feel good.

so now i need to find something equally obnoxious to me to moan about. it might be dr. who. or these new super hero movies that are made just to make supposed geeks feel supposedly geeky. (since when did being a geek/nerd become something desirable? i think people need to belong and feel extreme in some way.) any suggestions? i would say those crappy new crime shows that are really just another ploy to make people feel clever, but i’m too upset about them cancelling law & order to go there. let’s say sci-fi/fantasy stuff which is just really dolled up romance? i’ll start with that.


  1. dad

    All pissed off and no where to go with it? People like feeling superior for any reason they can think of , looking down on others personal tastes is as American as apple pie.

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