wunderkind? wunderarschloch.

roonaldo is now scum, but can you blame him? if i only played 2 good games, i’d cash out before people knew i was unstable. does he actually think this could patch things between him and colleen? oh, please!

i finally got a chair for my desk, which means, i type this to you from my sweedish desk. it’s sweed-tastic. i did my homework at it tonight. i can tell you all about denglish. it’s sad- the only things i really care about in the german news are spelling reform and antifa/socialist protests. apparently saarland had an election. hartz IV is much more important, or so think i.

and now erin and i are talking about bowie and iman’s kid. she’s cute, but not unearthly. erin thinks, “they’re like the most gorgeous family ever.” i might have to agree.

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