wigan… part of what?

i was looking at world soccer shop for white football shirts to wear for my league games. i was thinking an everton away kit, but probably will continue to wear my old janky punk rock shirts. anyhow, i saw this wigan t-shirt which made me laugh. “wigan: greater manchester.” now wigan is part of the borough of greater manchester, but that implies it’s mancunian like bolton. after reading stuart maconie’s pies and prejudice, i really wouldn’t consider wigan to be greater manchester. western lancashier.

this of course begs the question, why do i have such a strange fondness for lancashire. i’m still trying to figure that one out.

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  1. Neil

    Greater Manchester only really exists as a concept now just as Merseyside doesn’t really exist either (they even talk of Greater Liverpool in some things now). There are still some things that join them together though as the 10 GM Local Authorities all own part of Manchester Airport.

    Bolton certainly considers itself to be part of Lancashire though and they wouldn’t like being called Mancunian.

    Its all very messed up now…

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