after 95 years, owls win the double

there’s tommy spur scoring the owl’s first goal in the first minute of the match.
today was the derby between sheffield united and sheffield wednesday at brammal lane. the owls won. as any casual reader may be able to guess, i’m absolutely delighted by this. did you know that it’s been 95 years since wednesday won the double against the blades? for those of you familiar with moneyball, united’s payroll is one of the largest in the championship, but the owls still won.
you can read more about it here.

it’s funny. i feel happy, yet i didn’t even watch the match. i need to sort this out. it’s hard following a small club nobody else seems to like, but well… i guess that’s the point. i, like many other sport fans, like being miserable. wednesday often make me miserable, like last week, but this week i’m on air.

both my clubs, wednesday and everton, won their derbies this week. i feel lucky.

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