election crazy

Election crazy, originally uploaded by kendrak.

this was me going insane at 6:30 tonight after being up for 14 hours and running on nothing but adrenaline. i was in the bubble of my precinct all day, so i didn’t really see what was going on. as soon as i announced the polls to be closed at 8pm, the janitors at the school started shouting “OBAMA!” they carried on intermittently for the next hour until i dropped off our ballots. it was weird.

i’m mostly bummed about prop 8. if i know you were opposed to prop 8, expect incoherent phone calls from me soon to complain about how you hate humans. seriously. i’m happy that bush is gone and that palin can’t ruin my uterus, but i really think that human rights took a hit tonight and it makes me want to hit people.

i need water and sleep. i’ll blog about my day at the polls tomorrow.


  1. Neil

    Its about time you lot voted for the right man… someone said to me today that America votes for change and gets Obama and we might get David Cameron.

    oh dear.

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