500 starbucks to close? big deal.

it’s been amusing to me how many people are talking about the starbucks slated to be closed in this country. you’d think the sky was falling. i suppose it’s because starbucks brought a sense of quality to the masses, but seriously- i’d be surprised if there weren’t small, local coffee joints that are comparable (if not better) around. one of the starbucks on the list is my local one in berkeley, that i think i might have been to a couple of times. i can think of three other local coffee shops within two blocks of it, all of which i visit semi-regularly. i know in the bay area this is easy, but it’s sticking to some sort of principle. hell, i try to avoid peets because even though they are local, i can tell they have starbucks-like aspirations and their coffee’s just not that good.

for coffee, my favourite beans still come from boulevard coffee in carmichael. (95608!) my parents only drank boulevard coffee at home for good reason- it’s great. i know the roaster is obsessed with quality and freshness and it translates into what he sells. (i also worked there before going to berkeley.) when i buy boulevard coffee for people, they’re always surprised with how good it is. i know there are some other local roasters who care just as much, and they aren’t peets. blue bottle’s a little insane though.

the real thing bugging me about the starbucks people, is that these are the same folks who like shopping/eating locally. starbucks is anything but that. stop talking about sustainability and helping the local economy, and actually find the local roaster and support them. starbucks is really not that good.

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