feeling all grown up

i’m not quite a full fledged adult yet, but i’m feeling like it. as larry has written about extensively, this weekend is the insubordination fest. i bought tickets but can’t really afford going to baltimore for it. why? well, for one thing spending almost a grand just to see a sweet baby reunion seems a bit irresponsible. i also have been consumed with school (i need to graduated in december) and work. see… i’m going to have a new position soon which means more responsibility and more chaos- which also means more work right now. after going to seattle for the conference last week, i really can’t take any more time off. it sucks.

so as much as 16 year old kendra would sell a kidney to go see sweet baby, 26 year old kendra just wants to have a job and not be a jerk.

sad. i feel old.

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