the real american hero

yesterday the u.s. men’s national team held argentina to a 0-0 draw. who was the man of the day? not landon donovan, who earned his 100th cap in the match. tim howard. who? the u.s. goal keeper who also plays for everton. of course i’m biased, but he’s my favourite player on the american team. of course it’s annoying that donovan’s mere act of showing up to play is making more news than howard’s performance, but it shouldn’t surprise anybody. oh well.


  1. sam

    I have to say that, overall, though I only saw about half the game, the US seemed to be attacking a lot more. The whole team looked better than they have lately

    I’m not a fan of Donovan at all and don’t see that he’s really done much to earn the love he gets. I did see Adu and Edu looking pretty good especially considering how little time Adu played.

  2. Jo

    I’ve been a Tim Howard fan since he was at United. Its good to see him doing so well at Everton.

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