unfit to teach?

here’s another gem from sf gate. did you hear about the new ruling about home schooling in california? the court of appeals said people who home school need credentials.

Michael Smith, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, said the ruling would effectively ban homeschooling in the state.

“California is now on the path to being the only state to deny the vast majority of homeschooling parents their fundamental right to teach their own children at home,” he said in a statement.

But Leslie Heimov, executive director of the Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles, which represented the Longs’ two children in the case, said the ruling did not change the law.

“They just affirmed that the current California law, which has been unchanged since the last time it was ruled on in the 1950s, is that children have to be educated in a public school, an accredited private school, or with an accredited tutor,” she said. “If they want to send them to a private Christian school, they can, but they have to actually go to the school and be taught by teachers.”

Heimov said her organization’s chief concern was not the quality of the children’s education, but their “being in a place daily where they would be observed by people who had a duty to ensure their ongoing safety.”

my opinion? i actually don’t really care. i think there needs to be some mechanism to enforce standards for home schooling, but that’s not to say that all kids who are being taught at home are being neglected or anything like that. it’s a choice, and if parents take it seriously and do a good job, more power to them. (i am a proud graduate of the california public school system from k-12, and my university degree.) the only reason i posted this, is because once again, the comments at “the gate” are amusing. this time the home school zealots come out to to rally the troops. it sort of a snoozefest, and makes me sort of dislike their cause, but i guess i just like reading personal accounts.


  1. sam

    Just a reminder, the homeschoolers who comment about issues about which they are completely uninformed do not in any way represent all homeschoolers. These same people are convinced the California school textbooks are not allowed to use the words mom and dad and that the homosexuals are infiltrating the schools with their scary agenda.

    Also, no one should ever believe anything the Home School Legal Defense Association says. Their stated mission is to aid homeschoolers, but they are actually a fairly typical right wing/fundamentalist political group whose true concerns are those of any other fundamentalist religious group, returning America to Jesus.

  2. m

    and with charter schools and “independent study” availability for those who pursue it…..home schoolers can subvert the system AND have the state pay for it……ain’t govt grand!

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