the best thing about primary coverage

Chris Matthews, originally uploaded by wnyc.

is chris matthews. oh, how i love him. i think the democratic party is going to implode in 1968 proportions, but it’s ok because matthews (not olberman) brings the funny.

i’ve been trying to give clinton a fair shake recently, but her victory speech just rubbed me wrong and i don’t know why it is. this article from the guardian is a good read and dissection of why clinton has floundered recently. i feel bad for her, really. she’s worked so hard to get to this point, and i understand why she’s going to keep fighting (even if it destroys the party), but she seems to be out of touch with a large portion of the electorate. i don’t really trust her, but i don’t want to see her implode or be humiliated. i can’t take her victory in ohio and possible victory in texas as signs that big states are behind her, because she hasn’t really decisively won any of the major states. if she got a super-majority, it’d be a different story, but even when she wins, it’s by a margin which is why obama’s still leading.

i can haz november? until then, i’ll keep watching chris matthews be way more entertaining than keith olbermann (who’s turning into a slightly more reputable (and less annoying) john stewart.)

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