this weekend has been pretty stinky. even with the extra day, it was rough going. the culprit? long hours in the library and three midterms for “library school”. i say “library school” because none of the exams actually had anything to do with library science, and this is the quarter where i begin to question school in general. i know i want to be a librarian, and i know i need a different skill set than librarians of the past (maybe), but do i have to learn business finance? seriously?

midterm 1- programming. meh. i got it done saturday night after kimbo spanked tank abbot. i didn’t mean to start it, but it was once time only, timed exam. i panicked a lot.
midterm 2- finance. it took me 10 hours and i bet i failed. i need to get somebody to tutor me.
midterm 3- information visualization. this class is extremely vague and academic. i wrote some really bloated sentences.

three midterms in three days. it makes me think that i would enjoy life so much more if i wasn’t working full time and going to school “full time”. i hear people talk about how they don’t have time to write a three page paper or study for an exam and i wonder what they’re doing with their time. i mean seriously. i wish i had more time to dick around on the internet and stuff.

the highlight of the weekend? playing snakeball and finally folding all my clothes. i’ve been living out of hampers for months. i’ve also caught up on reading blogs and talked to my friend who got her gallbladder out (which explains the previous post). other than that, i slept till noon saturday and sunday. i didn’t want to, it just happened. i guess my body hates me.

now i’m going to go drink some flax and read in bed. it’s been lovely.

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