cry, cry, cry

hillary clinton is crying again. it makes me feel cold and cynical to say this, but i definitely feel that she’s just pandering for votes. i imagine her inner dialog being something like this:

“oh crap, obama might win in my backyard.”
“how can i seem more human?”
“smile more? nah.”
“i know! cry! it worked in new hampshire.”

i know her supporters will tout the tears as showing that she’s a caring, compassionate woman. but seriously- it makes me even more sure that she’ll do anything for a vote. it really angers me that this historically strong woman will retreat to stale tactics to get empathy of the voters. instead of crying when it seems advantageous, why doesn’t she try to come off as sincere most of the time? smile like a human? stop moving like a robot? oh, that takes work. i know lots of young people love obama, and it’s because he’s too busy seeming genuine to be pulling crap like this.

remember to vote tomorrow.
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  1. Neil

    You would have never seen Maggie cry for votes she just cried when the votes went against her.

    The silly evil cow.

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