top bassist? my ass!!!

when i was just a kid, i had two main idols for bass playing- john entwistle and jack bruce. i would add in john paul jones, but i really have a thing against jimmy page and robert plant, so i couldn’t give zepplin the credit. i understood why people liked jaco, victor wooten, or les claypool, though i personally thought their styles were a little wanky and the music sucked. i did have aspirations to play like bootsy collins, james jamerson, or duck dunn, but their music wasn’t loud enough.

i’m watching vh1 classic’s rock band countdown of top bassists. here’s the list:

10. steve harris from iron maiden.
9. geezer butler from black sabbath.
8. les claypool of primus.
7. john paul jones of led zepplin.
6. flea from red hot chili peppers.
4. paul mccartney.
3. geddy lee from rush. (robojoe’s favourite band.)
2. chris squire from yes.
1. john entwistle from the who.


i know you expect a rant, so here it is:

paul mccartney at no. 4? are they smoking crack? i understand vh1 is extremely deferential to sir paul (as is the world), but i wouldn’t count him as one of the best bass players in rock music. his bass lines were rarely adventurous or revolutionary. it seems to be more of the same old beatle ass kissing, though you would never see ringo on a list of the best rock drummers (except for maybe a filling out no. 10), nor would you see george harrison on the best rock guitarists, even though he was great. no, it’s got to be hammy mcham, “pull me-cock-off”, the biggest sap in the music industry- paul fucking mccartney. i was ready to call his placement the biggest blight on the list until squire was named no. 2 and panicked that enwistle might be left off, but it was for naught. so i can save all my indignation for that gormless tit from merseyside. ugh!!!

i don’t really like most of the people on the list, but paul mccartney is just bang out of order. i don’t necessarily think entwistle deserves to be no. 1, but he definitely should be above sir paul, so that’s something.

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  1. Neil

    You just have McCartney issues. I know nothing about bass playing but even if he played it with his balls while writing the greatest book ever written you wouldn’t like it.

  2. Nina

    Okay, this is too weird, so I have to share even though you don’t know me from whoever. So we’re sitting on the couch last night watching the bassist countdown. We tuned in around number three, and we were guessing who the top two were. My husband plays bass, so he has some pretty strong opinions. But, our kids are getting whiny and we don’t even want to wait two more to put them to bed, so my husband grabs a laptop and googles “vh1 top bassists” or some such phrase. We end up on your blog–yelling “No way!”–and then I see the post “confessions of a library 2.0 nothing.” I would have been right there next to you at IL 2007, but LITA was in the ol’ home town this year, so I opted for it instead. Anyway, if you’d like to chat about anything involving bassists or library 2.0, feel free to drop me a line! I saw from your posts that you’re still in library school. I’ve been “in the business” for about 6 years–MSLS Catholic University 2002–so lemme know if you want to chat some time!

  3. kendra

    actuallly, i think that list was wrong. jack bruce was on there. i’m certain of it because they showed the video for “i’m so glad”, which he’s aping bass on a regular guitar and i though, “how odd”.

  4. tyler

    I agree with you dude. Most of the people dont deserve to be on the list. Victor Wooten and Jaco aren’t on the list. And puting claypool at only 8… wtf? he deserves to be somewhere in the top three

  5. Leanne

    What’s wrong with Paul McCartney you smelly git?! He rocks, and I’d love to see you even try to do what he’s done! He’s cute, too1 lol

  6. kendra

    do what? write gormless pop songs? i’m not saying he’s not a good song writer (if nothing but a bit cheesey and obvious), but he’s not one of the world’s greatest bass players. he’s clearly just a guitar player who played bass because his band was going to kick him out otherwise.

    and he’s not cute, unless he gets his botox injections.

  7. n

    My list for best bassists is as follows:
    1.Cliff Burton
    2.John Paul Jones
    3.John Entwistle
    4.Roger Glover

    For whom the bell tolls and to live is to die are perfect examples of how well and inspirational Cliff Burton was, and also used the devils’ horns gesture while playing bass.

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