even though school ended saturday, i still feel stressed and busy. saturday night i went to gilman to see dreamdate with a bunch of other bands. i walked over there and made it in time to catch half of the people eaters set, featuring zack from the dismembers and shakey bones. i liked them a lot. the traditional fools were really good, aaron didn’t lie, but a lot of the other bands didn’t do much for me. elbert and i played set through the entire les hormones set. i felt a little bad, but i was totally in the zone. les hormones sounded fine, but not compelling enough to stop me from playing set. elbert almost beat me a few times, but by the end of les hormones set, we’d played enough set and were starting to go blurry eyed. it was funny how much pepito moan about the game, but i think it’s because we were playing too seriously for him. if it involved poker, that’d be a different story, but since he’s not the set fanatic elbert is, he couldn’t understand what was at stake. the rock and roll adventure kids sort of lost me after they played “fried chicken”.

sunday was lots of sleeping and errands. i’m trying to grow stuff on the desk in spite of the raccoons and squirrels trying to destroy everything. that’s about it. i’m heading off to kalx now to slave the rest of the night. gee, i love it.


  1. kendra

    sam, i know! that was terrible of me. i was worried howard was really going to injure himself, which would have been terrible for everton. i’m really beginning to become a big fan of dempsey- he’s the best thing, really. i also think that the u.s. were robbed of a penalty kick. it should have been 3-2.

    mom, elbert’s yet to beat me.

  2. sam

    Dempsey’s rapping seems like some sort of penance he must pay for the ability to play so well, as if he made a deal at midnight in the middle of a lonely crossroads.

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