long in the tooth

yesterday was a big day at the house’o’pie. i turned in my networking final, which means i am done with the summer quarter. today is my first cancer free, school free day since i came back from england in january. makes me think it’s time for me to go back again, though i’m worried if do make another trip over there that i’ll develop another serious disease a month later.

it was also a big day because robojoe and i tool maude to her first appointment at the vet. it meant i had to miss most of the england euro qualifier against israel (and michael owen’s goal), but maude’s worth it. see, she broke a tooth a while back. the internet said if you give them things to chew, the guinea pig will correct it on their own. maude didn’t and it got worse and one tooth grew too long. it was really nasty. so i looked around for a good vet in berkeley that had a good history with small pets. we live across the street from the campus veterinary clinic, but they didn’t seem to have the best customer service reviews and had nothing on the internet about guinea pigs. i settled on the berkeley dog and cat hospital because they had good reviews, and a couple of them were from cavy owners.

maude wasn’t too terrified. she acclimated to the pet carrier after a while. i think she could tell that joe and i were nervous. the vet was nice and said that her mouth was a little sore from the overgrown tooth, but she was ok for now since she was still eating. the vet said other than that, maude was in good shape and eats a healthy diet. he then took her away to cut her teeth and trim her nails in a back room. when she came back, she seemed allright, but her mouth is a little tender. so we gave her a bunch of blue berries. the end.

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