getting back to normal.

i stayed home from work today because i caught a nasty cold. i think if i were 100% better from chemo, it’d be merely an annoying cold, but no- this made me sleep all day and feel like a zombie. hopefully i won’t feel like ass in the morning so i can go to work tomorrow. getting colds- it’s just like before chemo. i blame all the work i did this weekend. i finished a group project and finished that 10 page paper. i’m now working on the three pager and a five pager. i can’t wait for this quarter to die for good.

tonight was big though- i officially went back to kalx. the only thing i really gave up for cancer was kalx. i missed it, even though i had lunch with kalx people a lot. i’m set to dj next wednesday, september 12, from 9:30-midnight. you all should listen. i also was elected to the prc (i ran unopposed). this is the third way i’ve been put on the prc- i’ve been appointed twice and then served as training director. the election was one of the nicest prc elections i’ve ever seen. nobody really asked me questions, nobody seemed to care about anything i had to say. i guess all the ballots had happy faces and words of encouragement on them. it was a unanimous vote too, which i’ve never seen in memory. usually there are a couple of noes or a couple of abstentions on principle. i guess nobody wanted to say no to a cancer survivor. ha! so yeah, i’m back in the saddle.

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  1. Olfa

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