marathon weekend of computers, thinking, and football.

this morning i woke up at 4:15 am, took a bath, ripped off a toe nail, and watch sheffield wednesdsay play well, but still lose to bristol city. it was terrible. the only thing i can say is that esajas looked quite good and gives me hope that the team won’t continue to lose. oh and setanta totally teased me- they cut to promos just as “hi ho silver lining” was starting up at hillsborough and came back just as the crowd finished singing it. did i need to learn about the liverpool match later? no.

i also watched the sprus give up what could have been an easy win against fulham. (sorry, larry.) you’d think a lead of 3-0 would be secure, but apparently not. kamara’s bicycle kick goal at the end was pretty amazing. overall that match was more entertaining than the liverpool thrashing of derby. the only good thing about that match was that i added torres to my fantasy team yesterday. he scored a brace today, which helped me shoot to second place in my fantasy leage. (well, second place of the moyles world folk.)

the best result, for me, was everton beating bolton. lescott’s ace! i wish i could have watched it, but alas… setanta was showing the red scum and fsc was hooked on london with the fulham match. everton’s still playing well and i’m excited about that.

am i going to get up tomorrow to watch more football? probably. actually, i need to figure out where i can watch the next round of the carling cup whilst on my road trip. the problem? who did sheffield wednesday draw in the next round? everton. i’m naturally rooting for the owls, but i’m not hoping for much. robojoe said i should be happy either way, but i know it won’t be like that. it’ll go horribly wrong- everton will win, but there will be some freak accident and johnson, arteta, yakubu, and lescott will all be out for most of the season, and there goes europe. who knows, maybe the owls will learn some defense and win? ha! sorry, i got carried away. so yeah, i’ll be in vegas and it’ll be a rematch of the 1966 fa cup final.

enough football. i just turned in a 10 page paper about computer networking. it was epic crap. no more work tonight. i’m going to go have hot flashes and plan out tomorrow’s morning of football and homework.
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  1. Neil

    Spurs were never 3-0 up.

    Everton wont play all of those players against Sheffield Weds anyway. We will play people like McFadden and still beat you.

  2. Neil

    I watch College Gridiron on NASN over here and it scares me. It seems to take the whole fun element out of sport and heap in a load of pressure and stress.

  3. Neil

    I think possibly someone from California was playing. There were people camping in the trees protesting about them being cut down.

    Also lots of close ups of the band. Its one step from there to the Nazis.

  4. sam

    Oooohhh god no! The Vols, the bane of my autumnal existence! NNNOOOO!

    Actualy, the Lady Vols soccer team is generally pretty good, though there will be none in China I’m afraid. I am looking forward to checking out their new complex.

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