you think i’m jaded?

for some reason, people have been calling me jaded a lot recently. robojoe was the most recent person to say that when i didn’t seem enthusiastic enough about the american experience about the first transatlantic telegraph cable. i really enjoyed the program and was quite eager to talk about victorian innovation, but apparently it wasn’t enough.

usually when people call me jaded it’s in regards to music or politics. i will concede that i might be more weary and less optimistic than lots of people when it comes to politics- i can’t feign enthusiasm for anybody (but gordon brown) when no politician (but gordon brown) seems to actually care about helping their constituents.  (i’m not entirely serious about gordon brown, but you get the point.) when people accuse me of being jaded with music… well…

that’s more outrageous to me. am i well versed in lots of different genres? i work on it. am i overly cranky about the flavour-of-the-month? only when that flavour is all style and little to no substance. i think a lot of this crankiness stems from having seen it all before (ok, that sounds jaded). i know the what’s hot changes from season to season, but after a few years you can see the trends of what people flock to. you shouldn’t hate a band because it’s hot in brooklyn and on pitchfork, but that also doesn’t mean you should blindly like it. whatever. i’ve whined about all this crap before. the point is- if people like music, they like music. it shouldn’t be a big deal if somebody else doesn’t like that music. robojoe doesn’t like sido at all, but that’s ok. i don’t love tupac. i can’t get overly happy about operation ivy, but i also can’t too angry at the ignorant masses who refuse to admit that sweet baby is the best band ever.

opinions are like assholes- everybody has one. what sparked this new version of the same old rant? andrew balazs of backseat driver just discovered my rant about the 40th anniversary of sgt. peppers and decided to “school” me. he didn’t appreciate my opinion that pete townshend was a better song writer than lennon or mccartney. i guess he couldn’t argue with ray davies, so we’ll just take it as fact that the kinks were better than the beatles. so, mr. balazs, let me thank you for leaving such a colourful comment. it’s clear to me that you like the beatles, a lot.
i was like that when i was 13. i’d listen to revolver (yeah, i’ve heard it and own it) and rubber soul ad nauseum. i remember when my bff jill and i would have monthly viewings of help! and a hard day’s night, complete with voodoo burnings of paul mccartney’s picture. (sounds immature, doesn’t it?) one great thing about the beatles’ catalog only being recorded in 8 years, is that you can really listen to every song. i did. some were good, many were ok, and some where terrible. i know i’m not the only person to think that, but i also know lots of people will want to tar and feather me. isn’t that right, mr. balazs? of the songs you suggest i listen to, here’s what i think:

  • Blue Jay Way – a good attempt for psychedelia, but overall the song is rather self indulgent and extremely dated in a bad way.
  • I’m Only Sleeping – not terrible, but certainly not the best song on revolver. i’d much prefer “and your bird can sing”.
  • Don’t Let Me Down – terrible. not a gem of a b-side at all.
  • Michelle – one of the most boring pop songs in the history of the world. another snoozer.  slow and dull. i really hate this song. if i’m listening to rubber soul, i’d rather head “wait” or  actually any other song on that album (save for “drive my car”).
  • Tomorrow Never Knows – another terribly dated song. not completely horrible, but not worth listening to a bunch. good thing it’s at the end of a side.
  • Your Mother Should Know – another example of pure mccartney cack. thinking about it now, there’s not much redeemable about magicla mystery tour, is there? maybe the bonzo dog band?
  • A Day in the Life – i like this song every so often, and it’s one of the better songs on sgt. pepper, but it’s also complete nonsense. don’t act like it isn’t.
  • The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill – meh. it’s ok. it’s one of the more forgettable songs on the white album. i mean, it’s not as good as “while my guitar gently weeps” or “don’t pass me by”.

so there you have it. i might be jaded, but it’s not because i don’t like the beatles. the beatles were an important gateway into british invasion music for me. they just got dull, but so did most things after 1966. so i don’t have a problem with people still worshiping the beatles. i have a problem with people blindly worshiping the beatles, ignoring other bands from the era. the who were doing pretty revolutionary stuff with their arrangements, but i’m not sure mr. balazs has actually heard all their songs. and as far as musical arranging and rhythm goes, pete townshend was much more interesting/compelling than lennon mccartney. (i say this as somebody who like to rock.) blah. i need my shot.

in closing- the beatles aren’t pure crap, but they still aren’t as good as people make them out to be, in my opinion. the kinks are now officially the best band from britain. these are my opinions, and if you’re too insecure for that, go ahead and moan about me being jaded. sweet baby may not actually be the best band ever, but neither is operation ivy. (it’s probably actually the hi-fives.)

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  1. sam

    Yeah, the Beatles stopped not sucking when they turned into hippies. Willie Nelson is a better song writer than anyone mentioned in either of these posts. And if you don’t agree with that, well . . . you and I are probably just distinct individuals with distinct though often overlapping taste.

    And yeah, that guy was a freak and a half! What was his name again? Ballzass?

  2. Aaron

    I think the Beatles would have been better if it weren’t for George Martin. Then again, they wouldn’t have made that many records without him. Have I left this comment before?

  3. Dad

    I can’t resist….
    The Beatles were great pop writers ,period. Ray Davies is a songwriter period. Willie Nelson has written some of the greatest songs of all time.
    One must not forget Willie Dixon or Howlin’ Wolf in any conversation of songwriters.

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