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My nonexistant kids should thank me they don’t exist.

guinea pig party, originally uploaded by kendrak.

If I had kids, you know I would totally dress them up in ridiculous outfits all the time. Something like this or this. See, it’s good I don’t have kids.

Instead I dress animals up. Preferably like other animals. There’s something really endearing about lazy-hybridization. Screw genetic engineering, I have cute costumes! We’ve actually had these for a while, but I try to treat the guinea pigs with respect and dignity. My brother’s fiancée was in town though, and I knew an easy way to win her over was to dress them up (she also loves animals wearing clothing), and thus I shamed the cavies forever.

Now I’m afraid they’re going to bite me in my sleep. I guess I asked for it.

bloggy business

a&p in the bathroom, originally uploaded by kendrak.

ok, so i finally changed some stuff about this blog, like the appearance. it’s amazing, innit?

the other thing is that i started a new blog., which is just guinea pigs. check it out.

hay is for a.

hay is for a., originally uploaded by kendrak.

i think i just died from the cute in this picture. she’s amazing.


eatin’, originally uploaded by kendrak.

these babies are cute. don’t you agree? they are super lovely.

furry friends

P1030496, originally uploaded by kendrak.

abby and polly have settled in quite nicely. polly, the big red one, is in my lap now. cute, eh?


cavies!, originally uploaded by kendrak.

our new guinea pigs! we just picked ’em up today. cute, eh? i need to name ’em still. any suggestions?


eatin!, originally uploaded by kendrak.

last night i was at kalx until about 9:00 for monamie’s goodbye party. (she’s moving to seattle this weekend.) i’ll really miss her, but i can always go and visit.

i came home to find joe keeping vigil over maude, who wasn’t doing too well. she was laying on her side and quickly fading. it was terrible to see her like that, but she seemed pretty peaceful. we talked to my brother, to see if there was anything we could do to ease her, but he said it was more or less a matter of time.

she died early this morning. the last few months were really turbulent for her, and she definitely put up a fight. she was a guinea pig with a great personality and quite tenacious. i know robojoe and i will miss her a lot.

tomorrow we’re going to go to carmichael and bury her under the parsley outside my parents’ kitchen. i think she’d like that.

peeking. (but alive.)

peeking., originally uploaded by kendrak.

here’s a recent picture of maude. she looks a little weird here, but it’s because she just had a bath.

give me oats!

remember a month ago when i said maude was dying? well, we’ve been to the vet twice since then, and she seems to consistently getting better. we still have to take her in for check-ups/get her teeth clipped every couple weeks, but she refuses to die. this morning the vet stated a couple of times that he was pleasantly shocked that she not only hasn’t died yet, but is gaining weight and eating lots. i figure we must be from the same stuff- we have the fighting spirit that can’t keep us down.

of course, her condition could change any moment and she could drop down dead, but until then, she seems to be returning to normal. she’s starting to beg for food again and she’s getting excited at the sound of plastic bags. today the vet recommended that we feed her rolled oats. i put some in her dish this morning and she ran out, sniffed them, and then ran away. now she can’t get enough of them. it’s amazing what she’ll eat.

too fast, too furious

i know the blogging’s been scant, but i’ve been busy on bigger and better things. first of all, i’m djing at kalx again. (sunday mornings, 9:00-noon… tune in!) there’s also cavy watch 2007- where i make maude’s still alive. so far i’m not convinced she’s actually dying because she won’t stop eating, but it’s nothing i’m going to complain about. i also have a bunch of library related stuff in the works. oh, and there will be a thundershevitz record release/elbert’s birthday/my cancer victory party in a few weeks. but really… i’m too weak from this juice fast. i’m hoping to only drink fresh juices and pureed fruits and veggies until at least friday if not sunday. it’s stupid and i’m hungry, but it’s just something to do.

this is the beginning of the end

maude’s dying. the vet pretty much told us this morning. he commented that he’s surprised she lived this long after the teeth problems began. until she finally does kick the bucket (who knows how long it’ll be), i need to keep her dry and as happy as possible. problem is, she hates it when i bathe and dry her. oh well. eat a carrot and think of her.

i got my hojo working

last night robojoe and i stayed at a howard johnson in victorville, ca. it was nice. my mini-vacation is over, and i have to leave now to go talk to the transportation folk at uc irvine. what fun.

he’s what’s been going down since last friday- maude is with my brother in sacramento. he’s feeding her baby food. she’s doing ok. we went to a bunch of ghost towns, and they were fun. i won $13 on penny slots. i ate a bunch of donuts and will eat a bunch more. we’ve driven more than 1000 milles. we played a bunch of pinball.

i fell all professional with my ironed shirt and fancy schmancy laptop bag. i should call it a satchel.