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last night i was at kalx until about 9:00 for monamie’s goodbye party. (she’s moving to seattle this weekend.) i’ll really miss her, but i can always go and visit.

i came home to find joe keeping vigil over maude, who wasn’t doing too well. she was laying on her side and quickly fading. it was terrible to see her like that, but she seemed pretty peaceful. we talked to my brother, to see if there was anything we could do to ease her, but he said it was more or less a matter of time.

she died early this morning. the last few months were really turbulent for her, and she definitely put up a fight. she was a guinea pig with a great personality and quite tenacious. i know robojoe and i will miss her a lot.

tomorrow we’re going to go to carmichael and bury her under the parsley outside my parents’ kitchen. i think she’d like that.

it’s all about the cut!

i’m doing homework and planning my show tomorrow. i’m trying to think about things that make me feel happy, and i mean that sort of warmth that comes from within that makes me smile without thinking. it was weird, because this morning when i saw the results for everton and sheffield wednesday, i went skipping through kalx cheering. it was great but silly.

wearing a ben sherman shirt made me feel like that, too, which means i’m shallow. but why on earth can’t they make more mod shirts for the ladies? all the mens shirts are quite nice, but the ladies shirts are fugly.

a party to end all parties

this weekend is going to be hellish. first i have the kalx fundraiser friday night. then i have costume kickball/homework/party time saturday. sunday i have to dj for the kalx fundraiser (9:00-noon PST, call and give me money!) and then drive to monterery for the internet librarian conference. see, i’m a busy kid!

the party? it’s my long awaited victory party. it’s also thundershevitz’s record release party and elbert’s birthday party. that’s a tall order, indeed. if you’re reading this post, you’re invited to the party. hooray for victory! what a way to end breast cancer awareness month? if you’re lucky, i’ll show you my scars.
ass, gas, or grass.
hellen of course did this awesome flier. enjoy!

too fast, too furious

i know the blogging’s been scant, but i’ve been busy on bigger and better things. first of all, i’m djing at kalx again. (sunday mornings, 9:00-noon… tune in!) there’s also cavy watch 2007- where i make maude’s still alive. so far i’m not convinced she’s actually dying because she won’t stop eating, but it’s nothing i’m going to complain about. i also have a bunch of library related stuff in the works. oh, and there will be a thundershevitz record release/elbert’s birthday/my cancer victory party in a few weeks. but really… i’m too weak from this juice fast. i’m hoping to only drink fresh juices and pureed fruits and veggies until at least friday if not sunday. it’s stupid and i’m hungry, but it’s just something to do.


even though school ended saturday, i still feel stressed and busy. saturday night i went to gilman to see dreamdate with a bunch of other bands. i walked over there and made it in time to catch half of the people eaters set, featuring zack from the dismembers and shakey bones. i liked them a lot. the traditional fools were really good, aaron didn’t lie, but a lot of the other bands didn’t do much for me. elbert and i played set through the entire les hormones set. i felt a little bad, but i was totally in the zone. les hormones sounded fine, but not compelling enough to stop me from playing set. elbert almost beat me a few times, but by the end of les hormones set, we’d played enough set and were starting to go blurry eyed. it was funny how much pepito moan about the game, but i think it’s because we were playing too seriously for him. if it involved poker, that’d be a different story, but since he’s not the set fanatic elbert is, he couldn’t understand what was at stake. the rock and roll adventure kids sort of lost me after they played “fried chicken”.

sunday was lots of sleeping and errands. i’m trying to grow stuff on the desk in spite of the raccoons and squirrels trying to destroy everything. that’s about it. i’m heading off to kalx now to slave the rest of the night. gee, i love it.

getting back to normal.

i stayed home from work today because i caught a nasty cold. i think if i were 100% better from chemo, it’d be merely an annoying cold, but no- this made me sleep all day and feel like a zombie. hopefully i won’t feel like ass in the morning so i can go to work tomorrow. getting colds- it’s just like before chemo. i blame all the work i did this weekend. i finished a group project and finished that 10 page paper. i’m now working on the three pager and a five pager. i can’t wait for this quarter to die for good.

tonight was big though- i officially went back to kalx. the only thing i really gave up for cancer was kalx. i missed it, even though i had lunch with kalx people a lot. i’m set to dj next wednesday, september 12, from 9:30-midnight. you all should listen. i also was elected to the prc (i ran unopposed). this is the third way i’ve been put on the prc- i’ve been appointed twice and then served as training director. the election was one of the nicest prc elections i’ve ever seen. nobody really asked me questions, nobody seemed to care about anything i had to say. i guess all the ballots had happy faces and words of encouragement on them. it was a unanimous vote too, which i’ve never seen in memory. usually there are a couple of noes or a couple of abstentions on principle. i guess nobody wanted to say no to a cancer survivor. ha! so yeah, i’m back in the saddle.

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a day listening to kalx…

i’ve started listening to kalx at work all day. i used to do it more often, but then i switched to foobar2000 and had to get my butt in gear to figure out how to stream with it. (it was really easy.)

it’s a little weird listening to kalx. i haven’t volunteered there since my surgery, but i have been hanging out with shaddy and mona regularly. i’ve also gone to a few kalx events, so i’m still somewhat in the loop. i keep thinking about running for the prc after chemo, perhaps even before. whatever. mark my words- i will return to kalx!

this morning, i wish i hadn’t listened because it was one of the djs who bores me the most. everything they play is very “safe” and calculated. i know i’m probably more aware of this than a normal listener, but when i first tuned in this morning, it was just some thrown together classical junk that was painful to listen to. the rest of the show was just predictable college rock, which i guess is what kalx is about, but for the most part it just seemed like playing acceptable, kalx-friendly music because that’s what you’re supposed to do. no thanks.

the afternoon has been better, with two really good djs with good, ecclectic shows. the dj on right now is subbing for somebody else, and he is always amazing. seriously. when he went through training, i knew he was going to be a good dj, but now i think he might be one of the best we have. his knowledge is astounding, and he mixes it so well. it doesn’t hurt that he just played a set for me with the hi-fives and the kinks. what a way to make a totally dead afternoon awesome!  so

so yeah, that’s my day listening to kalx. i’m going home soon and i think i’ll take a break from kalx while i prepare my hair salon.

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old fashioned

i’m djing tomorrow on kalx because i’m too lazy to look for somebody else to do it.

actually, i’m just too tired. i turned in my 20 page paper about circulation systems friday, and i have a 10 page paper about a grant proposal for a circulation system tomorrow. let me tell you, automated circulation conversion were big in the eighties. now, they’re not so hot. why? because everybody did it in the eighties! everybody, but my library. oh well. it will be my mark, let me tell you…

so i’m going to go to sleep soon, after i pick out my new camera and mp3 player. jeff, you just made a decision, make this one?

well frank, looks like it’s another long one…

i dj’ed this morning from 0400-0600. i can’t remember how many songs i played, but it was less than 10. stupid new dj not showing up! this means it’s going to be a long day. i just know it.

last night i practiced with lbz a bit. that was fun. i also received my vagina sore jr. cd from little type! i really like the album. everybody should buy it or hang around me- i’ll play it for you till you cry or something. what’s even cooler, is that richie from vagina sore jr. is a newcastle fan. that’s respectable. if all goes according to plan, i’ll watch newcastle at everton on 30 december of this year.

my belly hurts from too much coffee.

lighten up

one of my classes was just told by the professor to “lighten up”. it’s not what i needed after working on an assignment for his class for nearly 6 hours. the assignment should have only taken 2, by his estimates. why did it take 6? well, because the whole thing is way too vague. i made a pretty powerpoint presentation and podcast for it, and it turns out that both might be wrong, but they may be right, and the professor’s idea of clarification is to blame the class for trying to please him. yeah, figure that one out.

so i’m giving up for tonight, not picking up the car this weekend, and devoting the rest of the weekend (minus my djing at kalx) to library school. it’s totally making me depressed. well, this and the sore ribcage i have. i wish i could have gone out with people and been social, but no… i’m stuck explaining how online databases work. it was good at first, but now i just need to “lighten up”. gah!

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i guess i can’t spend all day watching football…

i’m djing again, despite starting grad school in a few weeks. when? well sunday morning from 10:00am-noon. what? you think that’s impossible? nope. the sunday morning show is dead, and i am doing it! how’s that for weird.

this is for the indefinite future, so listen in kiddies!

the true hand of power

somebody from kalx just forwarded an email about college radio cliches to the kalx staff email list. the list misses some spots at kalx because it’s not a typical college radio station, but it hits the major categories. arrogant 19-year olds who think they’re the first and only people ever to play sonic youth/my bloody valentine/squarepusher? check. friendlyold timers who know more than anybody, and kindly dispense their sage wisdom? check. bitter old timers who are cranky? check. people who just want a job in public radio, and see college radio as a stepping stone to being the next terry gross/ira glass? check. anybody who’s spent any time in a college radio station can understand these. the list is a little hippie/reggae centric, at least for kalx. you don’t find that much reggae on the air. instead of hippies, i think it’s aged hipsters who still cling to proto-indie and punk rock. i’m sure if i stuck around kalx for another 10 years or so, i’ll be one of them. (as much as i love kalx, i truly do, i hope i’m not going to be like that.)

the best part of the email though, came in an aside about public radio:

That’s right: Terry Gross controls all of public radio.  Turn on NPR right now – the voice you’re hearing?  Terry Gross.  EVEN IF IT CLAIMS TO BE SOMEONE ELSE.
Scott Simon?  Actually just Terry Gross talking into one of those “Talkman” tape recorders from Home Alone 2.
Tom & Ray from Car Talk?  Terry Gross + Talkman +  Recording of maniacal laughter.
Ira Glass?  Terry Gross + Talkman + Liberal use of the word “uhm.”
Sylvia Poggioli?  Terry Gross doing a voice she learned from watching Olive Garden commercials.
Until a few years ago, Morning Edition’s Bob Edwards was the sole exception to this all-Terry-Gross rule, and look what happened – he got fired.  When he left, he was told in no uncertain terms that if he revealed the secret, Terry Gross would hunt him down, and Terry Gross would execute him.  Gangland style.
\n ",0] ); D(["ce"]); //-->Ms. Gross even uses a system of levers and pulleys to single-handedly operate member stations across the country.  Thanks to the miracles of radio station automation, the sole actual paid employee of public radio, nationwide, is Terry Gross.

Upon learning all of this, Aspiring Public Radio Producers typically consider quitting public radio, then start writing snarky features for local alt-weeklies.
finally! somebody speaks the truth about npr and terry gross. thank you jesse thorn of the sound of young america for finally telling people what's really going on.  i think it's time to add terry gross to the list. she'll replace katie couric, because i haven't heard miss perky recently, but terry gross is everywhere. (flirting with the guests...)

dork songs

monday night dr. frank came on my show at kalx to play some of tom henderson’s favourite songs. (tom henderson of course being the protagonist of king dork. i’ll stop talking about the book.)

by request, here’s tom’s playlist:

  • “rock and roll hoochie coo” rick derringer all american boy
  • “s & m” thin lizzy black rose
  • “you can’t put your arms around a memory” johnny thunders so alone
  • “in a moment of madness” flowerpot men
  • “my baby loves loving” white plains
  • “fox on the run” sweet desolation boulevard
  • “slip kid” the who who by numbers
  • “my mind’s eye” the small faces
  • “the true wheel” brian eno taking tiger mountain by strategy
  • “she sells” roxy music siren
  • “skweeze me, pleeze me” slade
  • “working” cock sparrer shock troops
  • “help, i’m a rock” mothers of invention
  • “yummy yummy yummy” ohio express
  • “sabbath, bloody sabbath” black sabbath sabbath, bloody sabbath
  • “7 screaming dizbusters” blue oyster cult on your feet or on your knees
  • “(get a) grip (on yourself) ugly” stranglers peaches
  • “surrender” cheap trick heaven tonight
  • “a whole lot of rosie” ac/dc if you want blood, you got it
  • “christine sixteen” kiss love gun
  • “can the can” suzi quatro
  • “too hot to handle” ufo lights out
  • “stone blue” foghat stone blue