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shoes of the master

Muppet feet, originally uploaded by kendrak.

i bought those blinging shoes for myself yesterday. why? i wanted them. yes, those are gold metallic laces. i consider them a graduation present to myself- the only thing i plan on doing to celebrate my graduation.

that’s right folks, there’s a 97% chance that i graduated from drexel’s ischool with an ms in library and information science and an ms in information systems.

so what does it all mean? i’m a librarian. i have some free time. i need to get my shit together to be professional. i still wear ugly shoes to work.

why haven’t i been blogging?

Stephen Abram and Kendra, originally uploaded by newrambler.

i’ve been too busy with other things – like school, work, and going to conferences. see that? that’s me at internet librarian 2008 making a fool of myself with the outgoing president of SLA, stephen abram. despite trying to be more professional, such as getting more involved with SLA, i still can’t stop dancing like an idiot.


exhausted, originally uploaded by kendrak.

my blog has been anemic because i’ve been too tired to touch the damn thing. the last quarter was rough and just as i finished my coursework, i had to run up to seattle for sla‘s 2008 annual conference. it was pretty much a week of meetings about library stuff, but now i feel dedicated to the profession.

i’m back in the bay now, working on the new quarter, and not sleeping enough.

i should post something about germany later, since they’re making me happy. but that’s it.

life trucks on

this little blog is being dwarfed by my other super duper library blog, and my whole no blogging at work thing has slowed it down.
school is boring and painful. work is busy, stressful, and exciting all in one.
last night i saw dr. frank read from his book at moe’s. it was nice. i hadn’t been to raleigh’s in a while and they were bumping “straight outta compton”, pretty good stuff. i also got to talk to frank about politics and how insane this race has become. i’m really excited about tonight’s debate, if i can stay awake.

i also received a summons for jury duty yesterday. i have to show up on march 12. that’s two weeks! i thought they usually gave you more time.

today i went back to the doc for a check up and found out my plastic surgeon’s leaving kaiser. what’s it mean to me? means i gotta stop dragging my feet on reconstruction, so i have to go get cut up asap. i’m meeting him tomorrow to see what i can do. luckily, i think i got time to take off of work, but i need to get in gear because it’s the conference season.
today i went to the store to start planning my garden and buy lots of fruit. i need fruit.

bad day

yesterday was terrible. i left work at 2:00 with a fever. i stumbled home and napped on the couch, feeling myself getting sicker and sicker. at the height of it i had a fever approaching 102, which is hot for me since my normal body temp is 96. i was miserable.

this morning i went to work and tons of stuff went crazy and i have too much to do before i drive to santa barbara tomorrow. then i found out i missed an important meeting from being sick yesterday. the real sign that today suck? my old mug, captain pervert had the bottom crack off as i was pouring hot water in for tea. boiling water hit my crotch and i let out a huge yell. i have some small burns but then i had to go home and change. ugh. so long captain pervert, it was fun.

back to indexing.

going live!

i finally made library attack live. now i won’t bother y’all with my rantings about my future profession. yeah, i’ll be one of those librarians with a blog. it’s exciting.

robojoe’s now playing one of those football manager games. you know, it’s like madden only for the english f.a. i think he’s trying to ruin everton just to spite me. i told him to save his beloved spurs because they need it.

here’s a video of r.e.m. playing “superman” from 1986. this is the sort of thing youtube is awesome for.

my night with geeks and gadets

i’ve got some downtime before i head back to the conference center to do lord knows what. i think i’m attending a session about gadgets and gaming, but going home and watching law & order sounds pretty appealing. i’ve been up since 5:00am and pretty much on the go all day. the good news is that i finally finished last week’s homework. there were so many times i was tempted to as some of the people around for advice on which database could help me track down the answers for class, but that would be cheating and i don’t want to look like such a library school nerd.

today’s sessions weren’t quite as good as yesterday’s. i did go to a couple geared towards corporate libraries, which made me sort of want to work in one even more. i also sort of want to stay where i am and push through lots of changes that will help people, but it’s hard to really know what the best idea would be right now. it’s all a bit premature since i haven’t graduated school yet.

earlier today i talked with a blogger who was sitting against a wall, charging her laptop, and killing time before the taxonomy session. it was pretty refreshing to talk to somebody who isn’t insane for second life but also isn’t a technophobe.

right now i’m at a coffee shop and half the people here are from the conference. it’s funny because some high school kid asked us what internet librarian was about, and the best we could come up with was a vague “librarians who use the internet”. it’s a diverse bunch of people here. i should really start my library blog so i can discuss it more and pretend to be like the annoyed librarian, but i haven’t gotten off my duff.

i did make a facebook group for work and invited some gradstudents (who were my friends). already people have joined that i didn’t invite, so i consider that one victory from the conference. let’s hope i can keep it interesting. i’m just waiting till people outside of berkeley join. i guess that will be the real victory.

ok, off to go see these gadgets and dream about crackberries. tomorrow, i’m going home!

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confessions of a library 2.0 nothing

i’m sitting in “bloggers alley” here at IL2007 (as the cool kids are calling it) and i can’t help but think it should be called “boogers alley” and then i think that i might be too immature to be here. it’s weird. there’s been lots of talk about web 2.0 applications, and alot of it seems like old hat. i wonder if it’s because i’m on the younger side of people here or if it’s because i’m secretly a library nerd. i keep seeing all sorts of library bloggers that i read, but i’m not really into this networking thing/too shy to talk to them. i did make one new contact today, which was nice. we’re friends on facebook now, which makes it official.

ok, time to learn about more 2.0 stuff and try to schmooze.

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can i meet more hipster librawr nrdz?

i’m about to go to sleep. i’m in monterey, ready to go to internet librarian in the morning. this is my first professional conference and i’m pretty nervous. will it be boring? will i be library 2.0 enough for the cool kids? will people automatically dismiss me because i have a lip ring, black plastic framed glasses, and wear a hoodie? or will people think i’m one of those hipster library things? who knows!

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a party to end all parties

this weekend is going to be hellish. first i have the kalx fundraiser friday night. then i have costume kickball/homework/party time saturday. sunday i have to dj for the kalx fundraiser (9:00-noon PST, call and give me money!) and then drive to monterery for the internet librarian conference. see, i’m a busy kid!

the party? it’s my long awaited victory party. it’s also thundershevitz’s record release party and elbert’s birthday party. that’s a tall order, indeed. if you’re reading this post, you’re invited to the party. hooray for victory! what a way to end breast cancer awareness month? if you’re lucky, i’ll show you my scars.
ass, gas, or grass.
hellen of course did this awesome flier. enjoy!

grade dullard

i just got my grades for the quarter- they were completely respectable and not as bad i thought they would be. one of my graduating classmates just posted her grades from her entire transcript at drexel on her blog, and it struck me as odd. her blog is a quasi-professional blog in that she focuses on aspects of the library profession, not her personal life. i suppose library school grades fall under that scope, but it also seems tacky to me. i have complained about grade greedy people in the past, but i think i should add grade dullards to the list of annoyances as well. i feel sort of grinch like for saying that, because grade dullards are usually benign and just giving you an update and not trying to boast too much. but it also seems like posting your income or waving your dick out in public- too much information only done by arrogant people.

it’s like that for people who want to tell you about their school in too much detail. not just the relatable items- my group sucks, my professor did this, and so on- but going into detail about the material. i feel bad when i think i’m treading into that territory. i wouldn’t talk about networking with people who didn’t know anything about it, nor have i graced non-library folk with my deep thoughts about controlled vocabularies and taxonomies. (i love you all too much.) the people who would do those things are the same people who would be grade dullards. i’d like to say to them, “your enthusiasm is great, but you sound like a dullard and most people don’t care.” that’s not very nice, i suppose. (if i’m being a dull arse about library stuff, tell me to knock it off.)

i know my dad still wants to know my transcript from cal, but that won’t happen. i hate telling people my grades. i hate people telling me their grades, unless i ask.

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sprinkles, originally uploaded by kendrak.

today is the last day or my first hire here. we’re having a pizza party for her and the rest of the staff who’ve made this summer go as smoothly as possible despite the cancer. i made cupcakes for the event. check them out! my cupcakes are special because they’re not only vegan, but they also have fancy sprinkles to make them cute.

attack of the hipster librarians.

thanks to everybody who has sent me the new york times article about the rise of histper librarians. for those of you who’ve some how managed to miss it, basically somewhere in brooklyn (where there is a critial mass of trendy kids) there’s a regular meet up of hip librarians. they sit around, talk about how awesome and cool they are as librarians because they’re young and hip. it’s a new trend in librarianship, if you didn’t know.  goodbye bunhead, hello cute girl with plastic rim glasses and a bad haircut. (oh wait, that’d be me.)

it’s hard not to make fun of this article. there are many different library blogs that have already lambasted the article. it might show that one stereotype of the typical librarian is on the way out (the uptight, quiet, shushing bunhead), as free range librarian points out the profession is still largely white and largely female. not much is changing on that front. i think pop goes the librarian articulates what’s wrong with the article, and to a certain extent the willingness to embrace the image of the hipster librarian:

When I see a group all eager to promote one way of being a librarian, I’m not going to follow that crowd. I may do all the things they do, but I don’t look like they do. And that’s okay, you know? For both them and me, our outward appearances don’t affect the tasks we do, the service we give. I just hate the thought that in some minds, appearances and performance are linked, and the only way you can be a cool librarian is to have an eyebrow piercing or go out for drinks that are identified by Dewey call numbers.

i know this is a bit rich coming from me, somebody with a tattoo (more to come post chemo) and a lip ring, but i don’t think that should make me a member of some club. i sometime joke that i need more tattoos as a networking tool and career development because then i’d be easily marketed as a hip or alterna librarian. it’s sad that there’s that trend in the library profession, but it’s somewhat true.

one of my student employees joked that the article was about my people. to her my people include anybody wearing a black hoodie, glasses, and plaid shirts. i guess it is, but i’d rather work with passionate librarians who have pride in their work and excellent service than some my age who happen to like similar things. the article is very shallow, but then again it wasn’t really written for librarians.

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