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more stuff about sheffield derbies of yore

this is the highlight reel from this weekend’s derby, so you can see just how brilliant wednesday were. and by “you”, i mean the 4 of you who might care about such matters. (i’m sorry, but this is pretty major.)

it made me think of steel city derbies of yore and wednesday’s biggest moment: the boxing day massacre.

26 december, 1979- wednesday won 4-0 at hillsborough. this youtube clip shows a bit about the match, including police preparations for the predicted riots and you can see the terraces packed to the brim.

the question now is, should i get up at 5:30 to watch eveton at the jjb? something tells me no, but i’m very tempted.

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lots of stripes

Blue & White Wizards, originally uploaded by mardy1.

i can’t stop thinking about the derby. how the hell did wednesday win it? i know, sodje and tudgay, but seriously. i’m not entirely biased, neil said they looked fantastic. this picture shows all the stripes at hillsborough today. doesn’t tudgay (bottom left) look ready to strike? he’s aces.

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owls win the derby!!!

getting up at 4:30 was totally worth it because sheffield wednesday beat sheffield united 2-0 at hillsborough bog.

i’ll admit, i was worried in the second half because united looked energized and ready fight back, but tudgay’s goal sealed it for wednesday. it’s hard to not scream/chant at 5:30 in the morning, but i didn’t want to wake everybody in the building.

now i’m watching ufc 80 from newcastle, england. too many geordies!
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win it for the world!

[warning for all the haters – football content!]

from an article about today’s carling cup draw between everton and chelsea:

David Moyes believes the majority of the country will be behind Everton this evening as they aim to take a significant step towards a first final in 13 years.

The Goodison Park outfit are at Stamford Bridge for the first leg of their Carling Cup semi-final against holders Chelsea.

And Moyes reckons most neutrals want to see that stranglehold loosened this season.

“I think so, I hope so,” said the Goodison manager. “I think a lot of people like to see other sides break into it and Tottenham have a chance against Arsenal as well.

after this weekend’s poor, poor loss to oldham, everton need to redeem themselves. taking down chelsea tonight would do that. but seriously, people all around the world hate the club (because john terry looks like a dog, frank lampard’s a slow chav, and nobody likes michael ballack). everton winning today will make perhaps a billion (more like millions) of people happy. i’m rooting for them!

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how english can you be?

right now i’m watching the 2005 ceremony for the uk rock and roll hall of fame. yeah, it’s a little sad but i’m done with school and i need to unwind. in this case i mean wax nostalgic about two of the most important bands to me for the history of forever. of course i’m talking about the who and the kinks. i thought it was great when ray davies inducted the who, because seriously- he’s the only person i would personally put on par with pete townshend.

then who inducted the kinks? the only footballer to score a hat trick in the world cup final- geoff hurst. there seems to be something poetic about the quintessential english band being inducted into a farcical hall of fame by a symbol of english pop culture from days of yore. just like britpop and its descendants will strive to be like the kinks of ’66, the english football team will keep trying to go back to ’66. (i guess things could possibly be looking up since capello is the new manager.)

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hawley the owl

lately, i’ve been listening to lots and lots of richard hawey. his new album, lady’s bridge, is quite good (if you like that sort of thing, which i do). he’s playing cafe du nord in a couple of weeks, and i’m really excited to be going with my friend mona. she’s one of the few people i know who really likes hawley, but it makes sense since she’s also one of the few people i know who likes the divine comedy.

i don’t know why it dawned on me, but today i had to check to make sure hawley wasn’t a sheffield united supporter. (it would make me reconsider this whole shebang.) thankfully he’s a wednesday supporter, and very proud of it. this article in the guardian had a good bit about his love of the owls:

Then as now whenever he has returned from touring his first thought on returning home has always been “thank fuck I’m from Sheffield”. There are plenty of other downsides to touring but one in particular is currently haunting the bespectacled crooner. The fact that he is a lifelong Sheffield Wednesday supporter and signed his record deal in the goalmouth at Hillsborough appears to have escaped the attention of his in-laws. When he was last away his father-in-law bought Hawley’s son Danny a Sheffield United kit.

“I came in the house and he was in full United gear. Our lass went, ‘Don’t just simmer.’ I had to go down to the pub to calm down. I was going on and on about it and Lou, my three-year-old, came up to me and put his head in my lap and went. ‘I’m Wednesday, Daddy.’ Wednesday or United, it’s like Harry Potter’s sorting hat. I thought my boy’s going to be Gryffindor and he ended up Slytherin, didn’t he?”

i think this is a cute story, but i really hope the kid isn’t really a blade. it made me wonder if i ever had kids they supported the blades, what’d i do then? i doubt that would happen, but what if? i think i would have serious issues, which is a little sad, but whatever. (no child of mine will ever be a blade, nor will they support the red shite.)

i guess i should be happy i don’t have kids.

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england are rubbish.

he’s probably thinking: “shit.”
fucking england, indeed. there’s too many people to blame, but one person i will not blame is joleon lescott. (if you want to get me an overpriced shirt, a lescott top would fit the bill.)

hopefully england will reorganize and maybe start caring. gah.

i really should start supporting the us.

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abzorbaloff from bolton?

tonight i watched the episode of the new dr. who with bolton’s own peter kay as a big fat creature called an abzorbaloff. i have to say, it was one of the dumbest episodes i’ve seen in a while, despite it being light on david tennant’s hammy antics. (robojoe thinks billie piper looks a bit stupid. i question how she has an autobiography.)

i thought the episode was good in that it brought kay back to my tv screen. i really wish that phoenix nights was available in the u.s., but since it wasn’t on bbc that seems doubtfull. the best thing about the episode is that the abzorbaloff was designed by a 9-year old kid from colchester as part of a contest on the kids show blue peter. the alien was pretty cool.

and in totally unrelated news… sheffield wednesday smashed southampton today at hillsborough: 5-0!!! could they be catching their stride? they have won more matches than sheffield united, but united have fewer losses and more draws. whatever. i’m just happy the owls are looking better. will everton be able to hold off chelsea at stamford bridge tomorrow? i hope so, but it’s better than the owls won today.

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fergie, fergie shut your mouth.

i know this is old news, but this story has been making me cackle.

A DRUNKEN thug who punched Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson in the groin has been jailed for 15 months.

Homeless Kevin Reynolds, 44, branded by the judge a ‘significant risk to the public’, staggered up to Sir Alex and hit him.

His `stunned’ victim doubled up in agony and gasped: “What the hell are you doing?”

The beggar – whose criminal record includes 146 convictions, many for violence – said: “I’m sorry Fergie, I didn’t realise it was you.” But then he held out his arms and started shouting: “Fergie, Fergie, shut your mouth.”

so mr. reynolds was just going about, randomly punching men in the nuts? there had to be some reason that fergie stuck out. i do like the idea of reynolds immediately breaking into an antagonistic chant as soon as he realised who he punched. if only the cctv footage was on youtube.

oh well.. i must get back to reading about indexing images and the norman conquest. my next guinea pig (don’t worry, maude’s still alive) will have an anglo-saxon name.

marathon weekend of computers, thinking, and football.

this morning i woke up at 4:15 am, took a bath, ripped off a toe nail, and watch sheffield wednesdsay play well, but still lose to bristol city. it was terrible. the only thing i can say is that esajas looked quite good and gives me hope that the team won’t continue to lose. oh and setanta totally teased me- they cut to promos just as “hi ho silver lining” was starting up at hillsborough and came back just as the crowd finished singing it. did i need to learn about the liverpool match later? no.

i also watched the sprus give up what could have been an easy win against fulham. (sorry, larry.) you’d think a lead of 3-0 would be secure, but apparently not. kamara’s bicycle kick goal at the end was pretty amazing. overall that match was more entertaining than the liverpool thrashing of derby. the only good thing about that match was that i added torres to my fantasy team yesterday. he scored a brace today, which helped me shoot to second place in my fantasy leage. (well, second place of the moyles world folk.)

the best result, for me, was everton beating bolton. lescott’s ace! i wish i could have watched it, but alas… setanta was showing the red scum and fsc was hooked on london with the fulham match. everton’s still playing well and i’m excited about that.

am i going to get up tomorrow to watch more football? probably. actually, i need to figure out where i can watch the next round of the carling cup whilst on my road trip. the problem? who did sheffield wednesday draw in the next round? everton. i’m naturally rooting for the owls, but i’m not hoping for much. robojoe said i should be happy either way, but i know it won’t be like that. it’ll go horribly wrong- everton will win, but there will be some freak accident and johnson, arteta, yakubu, and lescott will all be out for most of the season, and there goes europe. who knows, maybe the owls will learn some defense and win? ha! sorry, i got carried away. so yeah, i’ll be in vegas and it’ll be a rematch of the 1966 fa cup final.

enough football. i just turned in a 10 page paper about computer networking. it was epic crap. no more work tonight. i’m going to go have hot flashes and plan out tomorrow’s morning of football and homework.
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